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wine fest recap

on friday i mentioned we’d be hitting up a wine festival this weekend…

this year was by far even better than last! i don’t know if it was the dismal weather forecast or the fact that Irene scared away a lot of the people who would have still been in town for it, either way it worked out to our advantage!!

short lines – you could actually see the table this year!
i was a trooper and hit up e.v.e.r.y.s.i.n.g.l.e. tent there :0)

some snaps of all of the NJ Vineyards who represented at the event:

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and, of course, this wouldn’t be complete without some feedback, right?!

~just a sip was tasted of each of these~
maybe i went back for seconds on some of the good ones tho!

Amalthea Cellars
2008 Chardonnay Sur Lie – ok

Auburn Road Vineyards
Kind of Blue (Blueberry) – GREAT
Battleship New Jersey Red – good
Merlot Reserve 2008 – ok

Bellview Winery
Jersey Devil White – GREAT
Jersey Devil Red – GREAT
Blueberry – good
Cranberry – good
Dandelion – ok

Chestnut Run Farm
‘no grapes harmed in the making of these wines’ such a cute slogan
Dry Crisp Asian Pear Wine – good
Semi Sweet Asian Pear Wine – ok
Fuji Apple Wine – good
Spiced Sweet Asian Pear Wine – ok

Coda Rosa
Peacho Grigio – good
Blue Moon Port – GREAT

Cream Ridge Winery
Sangria – good
Chocolateberry – GREAT

DiBella Winery
2008 Merlot – ok

DiMatteo Winery
Jersey Red – GREAT
Niagara – GREAT
Jersey White – GREAT

4JG Orchards and Vineyards
Chardonay 2009 – the first wine of the day i actually spit out!
Monmouth Blush – the second wine of the day i spit out and even worse than the first – two thumbs down!
Frappe Vino – the third wine of the day i spit out – i thought ‘third times a charm’… not so much

Four Sisters Winery
Niagara – good
Beaver Creek Red – good
Strawberry Sangria – not good at all, it tasted like there was dirt on the strawberries still

Heritage Winery
Jersey Red (Sweet Concord) – good
Jersey White – good
Blueberry – good

Hopewell Valley Vineyards
Merlot – good
Porto Bianco (White Port) – ok

Laurita Winery
Down the Shore White – ehh… kind of watery for my tasting
Relaxing Red – good

Old York Cellars
Malbec (the only type made in NJ!) – very GOOD

Plagido’s Winery
Chardonnay – good
Merlot – good
Chambourcin – good – a really interesting coffee/chocolate/berry taste

Renault Winery
Blueberry Champagne – yuck!
Chardonnay – not so great

Sharrott Winery
Unoaked Chardonnay – good
Just Peachy Sangria – GREAT
Summer Sangria – GREAT

Silver Decoy Winery
2010 Black Feather Chardonnay – good
2009 Merlot – good
Ugly Duckling Red – GREAT

Tomasello Winery
Red Raspberry Wine – good
Blu-Pom Wine – good, nice taste for a summer day
Blackberry Wine – good

Unionville Vineyards
Revolutionary Red – GREAT
Heritage White – good
Cool Foxy Lady – good – btw thanks to my SIL i learned a dessert wine is NOT a desert wine, thankfully before i ordered my sampling! :0)

Valenzano Winery
2009 Vidal Blanc – GREAT
Red, White & Blueberry Sangria – GREAT, i think im in love
“The Original” Jersey Devil Port – ok

Wagonhouse Winery
2010 Chardonnay – good
Orney Apple Pie – very good, tasted just like an apple pie!
Sweet Love – GREAT

halfway through my wine tasting adventure the crew left me to fend for myself, i guess they were ‘wined-out’ for the time being

so i picked up one of those neat lil wine glass holders, i fit right in with all of the other wine-crazed-people right away!

when will i ever use it again, besides at a wine fest, might you ask?!
err – making dinner last night – two free hands at all times and wine always close-by – SCORE
around the campfire – the dogs can’t spill whats around your neck
i’m sure i can find more uses for something that keeps the vino so close to the heart :0)

ps – check out what these guys do with old wine barrels, too cool huh?!

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lazy mondays

just dropping in to let you know i am still here!
yes, i survived the wine festival and even made it home with a clear enough head to cook up the acorn squash thats been growing away in the garden

we had a great labor day weekend, i hope you enjoyed yours too
as you can see by the pooches, we’re spent – but loved every second of it!

i’ll be back tomorrow with a more thorough post {i promise!}

the rest of the week will be filled with:
a trip to the beach
the wine fest – reviews and pics
acorn squash delicioso-ness
a ‘Mel’s homemade salsa’ giveaway
and a couple of new additions to the BLOG :0)