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a whatta -thlon?

‘so what kind of -thlon did you do this weekend?’ is usually what i get asked by my co-workers when i come in on a monday morning after a race weekend

sometimes i even find myself getting tongue tied keeping up with all of the different kinds of competitions out there and their names. so here’s a handy, dandy, lil break down for you to keep up with the event lingo {which, btw, i know i am probably missing some here, so if you want to add to the list, leave deets in the comments section!}:

running 26.2 miles, usually on roads
there is also a just as popular half marathon option which is running 13.1 miles

Duathlon or Biathlon
consists of two events
commonly a run leg, followed by a cycling leg, then another run leg, but sometimes it will be just a run then bike, or bike then run

Aquathlon or Aquathon
consists of a swim leg followed by a run leg

Aqua-Velo or Aquabike
consists of a swim leg followed by a cycling leg

consists of three events
commonly a swim leg, followed by a cycling leg, and finishing with a run leg
distances vary – Sprint (750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run), Olympic (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run), Long Course {Half Ironman} (1.9 km swim, 90 km ride, 21.1 km run), and Ultra {Ironman} (3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, and a marathon: 42.2 km run)

Quadrathlon or Tetrathlon
consists of four events
commonly a swim leg, then a cycling leg, followed by a kayaking leg, and finishing with a run leg

consists of five events
the ‘modern version’ = shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian, and cross country running
the ‘ancient version’ = consisting of a standing long jump, discus throw (ancient style), javelin throw, 192-metre run, and a Greco-Roman wrestling match

the jist of the rest of them:
Heptathlon (seven events mainly track and field based)
Octathlon (eight events mainly track and field based)
Decathlon (ten events mainly track and field based)

see – there really IS something for everybody!

and just in case you were wondering – the Duathlon i competed in this weekend… 1st in my age group! SCORE!! i know, not much competition with just 150 people in it, but 29th overall for me works just as well :0) it was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, then 2 mile run
(full stats added to the EVENTS page)

if Evolta can TRI, so can you!

he swims

he bikes

he runs

holy crap – are you kidding me?!

this cute lil roboty guy, created by none other than the geniuses at Panasonic, will be competing in an Ironman triathlon in the coming weeks… what has our world come to?!

seriously – if this guy whizzes past me at my next event, i will absolutely not think twice about swatting him off of the course {MWAHAHAHA}

‘beaten by a robot?!’ … jeez, i can already hear it :0)

i remember

the hubster and i started this post-race tradition of hitting up one of our favorite breakfast joints in town after my races to have a celebratory eggs, bacon and hashbrown goodness… in fact, most of the time, on the last leg of my race, i start fantasizing about that plate of food!

i don’t have this magnet on my stove for nuthin’
chewed on by the lovely Lexi-monster!

when we just finished up eating i noticed this sign hanging on the wall behind usand couldnt help but think, ‘so dayum tru!’

if i hadnt put myself up to the challenege last year, how could i ever know today that i could not only complete 3 triathlons, but continue to kick my last event’s time in the butt?!
i finished 65th out of 1600 participants and 6th in my age division… and last year it was 299th out of 1438 and 15th in my age division.

seeing progress in my race times and placings just reaffirms the fact to me that whatever i am doing in training is paying off and e.v.e.r.y single day i am learn something new about all of it!

so yesterday morning when we walked over to the start of the race on pretty much the exact same beach where i stood just ten years ago during highschool, watching black smoke pluming from the twin towers… lets just say the normal emotions that are flying through my body and mind at the start of a race were def in super-turbo-overdrive mode. the moment of silence and the national anthem left me with some salty jewels trickling down my cheeks

we were all there that morning with the same mindset, and true to typical american spirit, the commraderie, patriotism and rememberance weren’t skipping any beats. in fact, we all got some sweet high fives for the american flags we markered on for the race:

the day was great! mother nature showered us on the bike ride for a bit… but i looked at it like ‘thanks for cleaning the salt water off of me from the swim’. even though it caused me to drop my water bottle because my hands were so slippery :0) and one of my fave parts was having cuzz right along side of me for the entire leg of the swim. i kept looking over at her and the smile on her face warmed my soul. we high-fived in the water and she tells me ‘this is SO COOL – I’m hooked!’

(AWESOME job on your first TRI cuzzy-cuzz – here’s to MANY more)

another one bites the dust, but i’m not done with the season yet!
just signed up for a duathlon in october and a 5-mile run in november… what more is to come?
who knows… as long as proceeds go to a good cause and its a good challenge, i’m there!

p.s. still flyin high from the tri :0)

P.S.S. there’s still time to enter into the salsa giveaway – just leave a comment letting me know if you want a pint or half-pint and i’ll pull together a drawing shortly!

smooth transitions

the overflowing duffel bag i toted to my first tri last year… well, lets just say, you could spot the NEWB from a mile away!

thankfully, since then, i had the opportunity to hit up a clinic where a seasoned pro simplified the whole transition process for me… to the point that when i was riding home from it all i could think was ‘what was i thinking having all of that stuff with me?!’ seriously, i think i had everything but the kitchen sink!

this post goes out especially to the tri-hards and new-comers in our ‘weekend warriors’ group who got together pretty much every weekend for the past couple of months for an open water swim sesh, sometimes a bike or a run, or D: all of the above. i tried to get a ‘mini clinic’ together a couple of weeks before my Jersey Girl Tri, but schedules conflicted and it never happened – so here’s the eVersion for ya girls!

don’t mind the broomstick/chair make-shift rack – i told you i was crafty :0)

so, here’s the basic setup of what your transition area is going to look like:things get really tight on the rack, especially when they try to cram as many bikes as humanly possible, and then some, onto it. try to keep everything as slim and tight as you can and out of the walkway… getting back from the swim to find one of your bike shoes that’s been kicked 10 feet away = NO FUN!

you’re going to put the seat of your bike over the rack and have the bike facing towards the ‘bike out’ gate. putting a tell tale piece of something ~like the purple bandana i have on there~ helps you find your ‘spot’ when you come back from the to ditch your bike and grab your running gear

a breakdown of the bike stuff:

aright, so here goes!
you come in from the swim, pull off your goggles and swim cap on your trot to the transition area. grab the towel thats drapped next to your bike for a quick dry off (dont get crazy, this is a TRI, you ARE going to be wet and will mostly dry off on your bikeride)

first on – sunglasses!
then put your helmet on your head, strap, tighten
have your bike shoes already opened up and ready to stick your feet in to strap up

AND YOU’RE OFF on the bike!

on the bike ride, remember to fuel up – bring along an electrolyte based drink and a regular water, you’ve got about 30 or so minutes of riding as fast as your legs will possibly take you

stash your bike on the rack the opposite way it came out

next up is the run – ditch your bike shoes and helmethave your socks filled with powder and pre-rolled so you can easily slide your foot right in
lace up your sneaks
grab your hat
grab your race number/bib belt and watch (if you like to wear one)


the first bit of the run (to most people) is going to feel like you’re running into a brick wall – hence the reason they call the bike to run transition ‘the bricks’. just stick it out and keep your stride short and choppy, you’ll get your running legs back before you know it

and that’s it ladies and gents… some things i make sure i always have in my tri-bag
baby powder – helps get the sand off your feet
body glide – does this even need an explanation?!
the race number/bib belt – about $5 at the expo and one of my fave gadgets… it saves you from having to pin your race bib onto your shirt either beforehand or during the transition… every second counts!

so… if you weren’t a TRI-er before this post, have i swayed you into trying one out?!
check out what this dude did if you’re on the fence about it!

my last tri of the season is this sunday 9/11 and i’m super stoked to be participating in it!
the adrenaline that races through my veins and the tri-high i have for about a week are unexplainable until you actually do one for yourself.

i to TRI – do U ?

flyin high from the tri

as i had mentioned at the end of friday’s post, i’d be back after the weekend with some results from this sunday’s sprint triathlon… and the numbers are in!

i finished 8th in my age group (of 90)
and 82nd overall (of 1028) ladies… top 8% works for me :0)

300 yard swim – 4:23 (the fam said i was the 2nd one out for my wave!!)
T1 – 1:34
10.5 mile bike – 35:40
T2 – 1:29
3 mile run – 26:22
TOTAL – 1:09:26

thank you mother nature for holding out on us… it luckily was not raining during the bike portion (although it was helllllla slippery out there on the twisty & turny course), it did start to sprinkle a bit on the run, but i kinda enjoyed the fresh water on my salty and sandy face… and for the swim portion, OMG were the waves a’slammin!!

having ‘fans’ there to cheer you on really pumps up your spirits when you see them strategically staked out on the sidelines. i am so thankful to the ones who woke up at the @$$ crack of dawn to come stand in the rain and wind to support me  – the hubster, ma and pa dukes, pop #2, and brother B (my on staff photographer)

check out this slide show of some of his captures of the morning:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

all in all, it was a great event and  i am so, SO happy i signed up for it and worked my butt off for the past 8 weeks to participate in it. i still can not shake off the thrill of the ocean swim! the emotions that were running through me while standing in the corral waiting for my wave to leave absolutely cannot be put into words. once i dove in and duck dived under my first wave, this smile came over my face and i was in pure tri-heaven….

now if only september would get here sooner… Danskin here i come!

big kid bikes

after completing my first tri last september on BIG RED

yes, i name my means of transportation, dont you?! she def goes by Big Red most of the time, except when im hauling @$$ up a hill i do have a tendency to call her Besse… c’monnnn besse!!

anyways, after seeing all of the sleek and light bikes lined up in the transition area, and maybe the 68 year old woman who went whizzing past me like it was nothing had a large part to do with it, i decided i needed to start saving up  to purchase a big kid bike

all i wanted for christmas and my birthday was money towards Mel’s SUPAFAST bike fund… and that i got! although it took me until june to finally purchase my speed demon

meet AXEL:

aint he a beaut?! it’s a Trek Lexa – and coincidentally AXEL just happens to be Lexa backwards :0) no really, i thought a manly, speedy name was just so fitting for him

i rode for a couple of weeks with the stock cage pedals, not really minding it too much, but the peanut gallery kept telling me i needed to get the ‘clipless’ pedals – which, btw, whoever named them clipless is on crack, you clearly clip you feet into them!! soooo, back to the bike shop i went to get these babies put on:

they’re by Shimano – who the bike gurus told me was the way to go.

I’ll be 110% honest, i was scared to DEATH to try these. me… the person who has a hard enough time just walking was going to now be clipped to her bike?! my brother was right, i needed a football helmet and full body armor to go out with them! but… surprisingly, i took to them in seconds and – i know this sounds soooooo cliché – i really like how i almost feel like i am one with my bike instead of just riding IT. weird concept, and the whole pushing the pedal at the same time you’re pulling up with the other foot, man are there some butt muscles that have never seen the light of day until now!

complementing the pedals are, of course, the biking shoes to go along with it:

which, if it weren’t for the fact that the soles are rock solid, id be sporting them around town on a regular basis – NOT! haha :0)

soooo – i think i’m geared up to the nines for my bike portion of the race on sunday… fingers crossed mother nature holds out on the rain that is forecasted for the morning. speaking of which, any seasoned bikers out there have any tips for racing in the rain?!

catch ya after the weekend with some results – have a good one!


from elephants to ninjas

after putting in – what felt like – a very long 12 weeks this past winter to train for my FIRST half marathon (which i completed in may!!) i had a little chat with the inner-Mel and decided it was time to make a change…

a little back info – just a few days into my training period i hit up a podiatrist with plantar fasciitis issues and ended up needing to wear orthodics in my sneaks because of my high arch – he actually had the nerve to tell me ‘maybe you just weren’t made to run’… obviously i DID NOT listen to him 🙂

in addition to the inserts, i would hit up my aunt on a weekly basis for her ever popular ‘poppy foot rubs’, was constantly using the stick and a foam roller to ease my banjo string tight IT bands and hamstrings, sporting compressions sleeves after the long runs to stop the shin splints from aching… but i trucked on, like a true CAPRICORN – even though my head and heart were there, my body was – in its best way possible – telling me otherwise

now… some athletes like to live by the motto ‘no pain, no gain’,
i on the other hand prefer the ‘there’s got to be a better way’

i told you about this book and these sneaks that i picked up days after the half to ‘go about my change’, but i never really followed up on it all (sorry about that – gardening got in the way!)… so since im am heading into my first triathlon of the season this weekend, and {knock on wood} have been running pain free for the past 3 months, i guess its time to fill you in on how i went from a heel striking elephant to a graceful mid-foot striker, ninja-ing my way through the streets of the ‘sink

the book was really the one that put this idea in my head… 304 pages later, i felt like i couldnt finish it quick enough. it was funny and captivating and kinda had a sciency aspect, but had this story line that just kept calling me back for more. i wanted to know all of it RIGHT NOW!

a couple of points that really stood out to me from reading it:

said so eloquently by THE BOSSbaby we were born to run‘… IT IS SO TRUE! just look at a toddler bounding along on the balls of their feet, no shoes required

when and why did we start to need these decked-out running shoes anyway, with their uber support mechanisms and insoles that provided enough cushion to make you feel like you were running on marshmallows?!

i havent felt lighter or stronger in my runs since i started wearing my ninja sneaks – ie Brooks Green Silence and focusing on landing on my mid-foot versus pounding my heel into the ground…

now granted, i didnt just pop these babies on and head out for a bunch of miles. i worked into them over the course of a couple of weeks, slowly building up the miles with them after coming back from a run in my ‘usual’ sneaks, until one day they actually became my ‘usuals’!

in that time i could literally feel the muscles in my feet getting stronger and stronger. gone are the days of needing my prescription orthodic inserts and NOW are the days of treading a little lighter, running a little faster and feeling like im almost gliding over the earth – instead of pounding into it!

WHAT a concept?! really!