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i used to be an avid coffee drinker. in my hay day it was light and sweet, i moved on to skim milk and some shuga for a little sweetness, i even experimented with the soy milks and the lattes and the whatever else they can concoct with that coffee/espresso bean… but with the revelation of the melness bringing to light allergies to milk, soy and nuts, it kinda put the kebosh on picking up coffee at the cute shops all over town… until the day they discover how wonderful it would be to stock coconut milk!

so over the past few months it has been herbal teas front running my morning beverage routine. ive written about my love of tea before, but this time id like to break down just how beneficial herbal teas can be for you and your loved ones health.

first of all, lets set the record straight – not all teas are created equal!

the leaves from black, green and red teas come from the Camellia Sinensis tree. now dont get me wrong – black, green and red teas are still great for you, as they contain polyphenols, which serve as antioxidants to protect the body from free radical damage. through several studies, these tea polyphenols have shown to provide anti-cancer properties.

what we call ‘herbal teas‘ don’t come from this tree at all. actually, an herbal tea is really an infusion called a ‘tisane‘ which is made from various herbs, flowers, roots, and other plant parts. peeps have been using this plant food as an herbal remedy for thousands of years!

tisanes do not contain the same level of polyphenols as black, green or red teas, however, they are very beneficial in other ways, like:

achieving a more calm and relaxed state of mind
supporting heart health
aiding in stomach and digestive problems
cleansing the body
promoting energy and wellness

below are some of my fave options to choose from and what they are known for – a lot of these are available right in your local grocery store or natural foods store:

allspice – soothe the common cold, relieve upset stomachs
chamomile – calming attributes (great before bed), anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties
chrysantemum – reduce body heat resulting from fever, help protect against liver damage and neutralize toxins in the body
cinnamon – calming effect, support healthy circulation and digestion
dandelion – blood purifier, treat digestive issues and water retention
fennel – digestive aid, soothe upper respiratory problems
ginger – the multi-tasker – treats nausea, cold symptoms, indigestion, migraine headaches
ginseng – stimulate vitality, help the body stay healthy
hawthorne – strengthen the heart, increase blood flow
hibiscus – reduce high blood pressure, soothe menstrual cramps
holy basilaka tulsistress relieving, heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and eye disorders
lemongrass – calming properties
parsley – diuretic effect, purported to help with kidney function
peppermint – greater stress-relieving attributes than chamomile tea, help with stomach and digestive issues, freshen breath
raspberry leaf – colds, sore throats, canker sores and diarrhea, keeps nails, bones, teeth and skin healthy
sarsaparilla – promote energy and healthy skin.
slippery elm – relieve stomach cramps and other gastrointestinal problems

these are just a handful of the many, many options there are out there. even better are the herbal tea mixes that put a little bit o’ this and a little bit o’ that together to become an awesome source of healing goodness.

try a cup out, you wont be let down – and if you need/want any suggestions, i’m always a comment box away :0)

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what a beautiful concept to ponder on a monday morning, right?! this was printed on my Yogi tea bag tag today
pardon the graininess… smartphone technology here
i really dont know how i missed it glaring me in the eye while filling my mug with hot water, it wasnt until i was rushing down the hallway, to get back to my breakfast of course, that i felt a flapping on my fingertips… i held on to the tag a moment to read it and must have stopped short or jumbled my walk, because next thing i knew, my hand was all wet with steamy tea and i was looking back to make sure none of the bigwigs caught me in action. it unfortunately wouldnt be the first time… i recall some ninja moves that were caught red-handed a couple of months ago, or was that days…

anyways, this really got me thinking. i like it a lot and could totally relate this to what i am kinda doing here – loving, serving and uplifting – SCORE!!

so with sticking to the mantra, i’ll love, serve and uplift others today by telling you about this wonderful Yogi tea goodness that i hope you will enjoy just as much as i. when you do get to that soothing cup, i hope your special quote makes you think twice too!

i started drinking Yogi teas (in addition to the various other brands i like) about a year ago when i discovered the echinacea immune support kind at my local foodstore. cold season was underway and i was doing everything in my power to not catch the sickness everyone else around me seemed to have. be it first thing in the morning or all the way to the last soothing cup before bed, this tea is great any time of the day and is packed with tasty, all natural herbs and well wishes. 

i have also tried their stomach ease and bedtime kinds, equally as tasty – they even have an entire line just for the ladies, talk about girl power!

grab a box of this goodness next time you are at the store, i mean c’mon, they are created with mood, flavor and purpose in mind, how could you resist something like that afterall?!