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solarize your lives

about 15 years ago my friend’s family had solar panels installed on their roof. i thought it was such an interesting and sci-fi-ish concept at the time – using the SUN‘s energy to heat the water in their house… boy, things gave come a LONG way in just a short amount of time, haven’t they?!

these days, it seems like solar panels can be found on just about everything

from lamps

to backpacks

to laptop and iPad cases

to inflatable emergency light packs

to phone cases

to paper and fabric

hellz, you can even create your very own radio for just $3

or have these earrings light up your look

it is truly remarkable what 15 years of science and technology have brought about,
here’s to wondering what the next 15 will bring us!

if you are in NJ and happen to be in the market for a solar panel installation for your commercial building, hit me up, i know some people :0)