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the great debate

politics will NOT be the topic of discussion here – breathe easy readers :0)

paint colors on the other hand…

i need YOUR feedback! there is a creative standstill going on in our house over which color to paint the nursery.

i had this room picked out as my initial inspiration piece:

then found some fun with the aqua/yellow scheme:

inspiration pieces aside – i’m going for something fun, gender neutral, but not with the traditional “nursery” vibe to it… i’m planning on putting up a white chair rail with the above and below color options of:

the first column is option A = calypso and cote d’azur. the second column is option B = aqua-sphere and tranquil aqua. the last column is option C = hazel and drizzle.

the hubster is leaning more towards option C with the muted/calm nature tones with yellow/terracotta/coral accents, i’m digging option A with the vibrant/joyful under the sea tones using yellow and magenta accents. option B has the same colors as this brochure that i saw in the paint store, but once i got it on our walls it kinda looked more like a rainy day vs happy baby room = out of the running:

option D is to use the upper colors of option A’s paint swatch with yellow and coral/pink accents:

blue bauble and slick blue

so – what do you think?!
should i head back to the drawing board and find a happy medium between option A and option C?
are you digging JC’s choice with option C or are Mel’s wild side with option A?!
then there’s the added twist of option D?

i’ve never had such a hard time picking a paint color before. this is actually the first time ive ever come home with samples to put up on the wall!

decisions… decisions…