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when dogs attack

yesterday marked the secondyes you read that right, SECONDtime in just a couple of months that my dogs and i were attacked by other dogs while trying to peacefully walk around our neighborhood… and yes mom/dad, this time i did call the cops

warning: this is a lengthy tale – feel free to scroll to the bottom for the ‘what to do when attacked’ portion

we were just a block or so from home, finishing up a 2-3 mile walk with the two dogs. they were happy as clams because they got to sniff all they wanted and were starting to look a little worn out (which takes a LOT for two very active pooches). we rounded one of the last corners of our trek when we saw a younger boxer standing in his driveway, safely held back by his electric fence. as he incessantly barked at us to get away from ‘his property’, we quickly veered to the other side of the street where B&L took to trotting on while sniffing some more specimens.

the boxer followed us along as we made our way out of his ‘territory’, when out of no where an older boxer came darting through the bushes, ran right through the electric fence and made a B-line – with his teeth bearing and hair up on his back – for poor Bud-man’s neck. i screamed bloody hell for help, tried kicking the big dog off to no avail, then the younger one decided to join in on the fun and i quickly found myself trapped and scared to death. my ankles were wrapped up in the leashes, my dogs were startled and trying to hold their own, while the two boxers kept lunging at us… it felt like the l.o.n.g.e.s.t. five minutes of my LIFE.

FINALLY two little girls who lived next door came out and realized i needed help – ‘but what could they do to break this up’, was all i could think. then the neighbor next to them came running over just as the owner decided to make his way out.

‘the owner’RUDE does not even come close to what he is. it took him, uncomfortably long, to grasp what was happening until he called his dogs off of mine and back into his yard.

HIM: HEY, what just happened?!
ME: your dogs just ran through your electric fence and started attacking us
HIM: oh, well are you okay?
ME: i don’t know yet. i think so. i don’t see any blood right now, but i haven’t really checked us over.
HIM: well, they’re up to date on all of their shots, so you should be fine (said over his shoulder as he’s walking away, brushing off what just happened). i don’t know how they got through this fence.
ME: i DO! it’s because its NOT A REAL FENCE!! you need something more than a stupid zap to keep them from hurting other people!!!

i continued on down the street, half trying to get away from the scene and half trying to check the pups and i to see if everyone was alright

LUCKILY, we all made out okay, this time – besides our PRIDE! my ankles are a little bruised from the leash being wrapped around them and Buddy’s tongue was bleeding for a bit, but seemed to die down by the time we made it home. all i kept thinking was how helpless i felt…

how could i not protect my dogs?
what if i had a kid with me and that happened?!

so, in doing some research, i found out:


say ‘NO’ in a loud, deep voice
this does NOT work all of the time, like with me yesterday… the dog’s could care less about what i was saying to try to scare them off. but you may be able to catch the attacking dog off guard by your dominant voice and scare them away.

carry a big stick – no joke!
a lot of the places i found information said that by having a big, heavy stick on your side is one of the best ways to hit the attacking dog with. the best spot to hit them is right between the ears. as many times as it takes to jostle the rage out of them and keep you at enough of a distance to get away. don’t feel bad about this, it’s you and your dogs or them, and you have no idea what they are capable of

carry pepper spray
it doesn’t always have the same effect that it does on humans, but it will do enough to startle the other dog and get it to stop attacking you. if you end up spraying a bit of your own dog while trying to thwart off the attacker with it, it’ll be worth it because you can guide your dog to safety while the other one sets in a haze of peppery goodness

call the police or animal control
you being attacked is not something that you should just brush off and take lightly, as i did our first attack when i was actually bit on the leg by the other dog, trying to fight her off of mine. if the owners and their dogs are able to get away with this, this time, you never know when a little kid is going to be riding their bike by and attacked by that same dog who attacked you – they may not make out the same way you did

its herb dryin time

man, i wish that went along better to the tune of Peanut Butter Jelly Time

anyways – that time of the year has come when the first frost is just around the corner and you realize you have this BASIL beast growing away in your herb garden

what do i do with it all?
wellz – the past couple of years you could bob and weave your way through my garage during the beginning of the fall, trying not to knock into one of the zillion bushels of herbs drying out. this method does work well, but, being the rather impatient one that i am, this year i just didnt feel like waiting the couple of weeks that it takes, then having to bag/jar it all up to either freeze or store in the pantry

thankfully Farmer T did the leg work on researching this awesome Dehydrator which takes just ONE DAY to dry out two 8oz jars of herbs – tooooo cool right?!

this is what just 4 stalks of my plant looks like laid out on the drying racks (oh yeah – and when the directions say to ‘cut the leaves in half lengthwise to aid in the drying process’, you may want to actually listen to them. they may have tested this a couple of times!)

of course – my trusty sous chefs were on hand to assist in all herb-prep matters

here’s just a couple of hours in – already starting to shrivel up

and boy were the pooches pooped by the 24 hour mark!

keeping a watchful eye on the dehydrator is such a tough job :0)


i ended up ordering another set of racks (they come in packs of two) and two more sets of the fine mesh tray inserts that lay on the rack to prevent smaller herbs from slipping through the cracks

i have sage cooking away in there now, ready to pack in jars when i get home from work tonight… LOTS more herbies in the garden to dry out for the season!!

i remember

the hubster and i started this post-race tradition of hitting up one of our favorite breakfast joints in town after my races to have a celebratory eggs, bacon and hashbrown goodness… in fact, most of the time, on the last leg of my race, i start fantasizing about that plate of food!

i don’t have this magnet on my stove for nuthin’
chewed on by the lovely Lexi-monster!

when we just finished up eating i noticed this sign hanging on the wall behind usand couldnt help but think, ‘so dayum tru!’

if i hadnt put myself up to the challenege last year, how could i ever know today that i could not only complete 3 triathlons, but continue to kick my last event’s time in the butt?!
i finished 65th out of 1600 participants and 6th in my age division… and last year it was 299th out of 1438 and 15th in my age division.

seeing progress in my race times and placings just reaffirms the fact to me that whatever i am doing in training is paying off and e.v.e.r.y single day i am learn something new about all of it!

so yesterday morning when we walked over to the start of the race on pretty much the exact same beach where i stood just ten years ago during highschool, watching black smoke pluming from the twin towers… lets just say the normal emotions that are flying through my body and mind at the start of a race were def in super-turbo-overdrive mode. the moment of silence and the national anthem left me with some salty jewels trickling down my cheeks

we were all there that morning with the same mindset, and true to typical american spirit, the commraderie, patriotism and rememberance weren’t skipping any beats. in fact, we all got some sweet high fives for the american flags we markered on for the race:

the day was great! mother nature showered us on the bike ride for a bit… but i looked at it like ‘thanks for cleaning the salt water off of me from the swim’. even though it caused me to drop my water bottle because my hands were so slippery :0) and one of my fave parts was having cuzz right along side of me for the entire leg of the swim. i kept looking over at her and the smile on her face warmed my soul. we high-fived in the water and she tells me ‘this is SO COOL – I’m hooked!’

(AWESOME job on your first TRI cuzzy-cuzz – here’s to MANY more)

another one bites the dust, but i’m not done with the season yet!
just signed up for a duathlon in october and a 5-mile run in november… what more is to come?
who knows… as long as proceeds go to a good cause and its a good challenge, i’m there!

p.s. still flyin high from the tri :0)

P.S.S. there’s still time to enter into the salsa giveaway – just leave a comment letting me know if you want a pint or half-pint and i’ll pull together a drawing shortly!

lazy mondays

just dropping in to let you know i am still here!
yes, i survived the wine festival and even made it home with a clear enough head to cook up the acorn squash thats been growing away in the garden

we had a great labor day weekend, i hope you enjoyed yours too
as you can see by the pooches, we’re spent – but loved every second of it!

i’ll be back tomorrow with a more thorough post {i promise!}

the rest of the week will be filled with:
a trip to the beach
the wine fest – reviews and pics
acorn squash delicioso-ness
a ‘Mel’s homemade salsa’ giveaway
and a couple of new additions to the BLOG :0)

every pet deserves a home

i find i am reading more and more in the news everyday about the efforts people are making to support adopting pets

just the other day i read this press release by PJ’s Pet and Pets Unlimited about how they are no longer going to sell puppies in their stores and are instead going to focus on pet adoption services in an effort to find homes for the thousands of animals in shelters, humane societies, rescue groups and SPCAs

what an ingenious concept to proclaim – i back that 200%!!!

Companies like Helotes Creek Winery and Mutt Lynch Winery have created special labels with pictures of actual foster pets who need homes and are donating money to shelters each time a bottle is purchased.

who needs papers anyway?!
what is having a purebred or a mutt going to make?
it should be about the love and the bond that you and your animal create

i do confess – i may be partially biased to this whole movement: my dog growing up, North, was sold to us, with papers, stating he was a purebred lab. when my mom and i brought him home my dad goes ‘is that dirt all over him?!’ – what ‘purebred lab’ with papers do you know that is black with the brown/caramel colorings on his paws and eyebrows of a rotty and grew up to be the size of a small horse with a heart of GOLD?!

after i was out of college, i knew i wanted to adopt my own dog so badly, so when my husband and i purchased our first home two years ago, within days of moving in i was searching the internet on sites like and local rescue groups looking for a rescue pup. i didn’t care who he was, where he came from, or what awards his parents/grandparents may have won at some fancy dog show… i just wanted to make sure i was saving the life of at least one dog out there who was heading for euthanasia in a kill shelter

two years later we now have two rescue pups on our hands, entertaining the heck out of us, our friends, our families, and showering us with more LOVE and doggie kisses than we know what to do with sometimes

do me a favor please, if you want a pet, ADOPT.
they need homes too.

they did not have any choice to end up in the SPCA, shelter, rescue group or humane society they are currently residing in… most of them just buying their time until it becomes too crowded where they are and they get shipped off to a kill shelter.

toxic food and plants for dogs

its crazy what almost three years can wipe from your memory… in the first few weeks of getting acquainted with our new rescue pup – ie Monster Dog

errr, i mean Lexi (btw her cuteness totally helps her out daily!)

phrases like this were flung around our house like they were going out of style:

don’t eat that
no biting
stop chewing that
GET over here
was Buddy really like this too?!?!

we’d been so jaded by Buddy‘s new-found maturity that we kind of forgot what having a puppy is like… talk about a ker-smack in the face :0)

he’s constantly giving me this ‘it was NOT ME’ look, such a good boy

despite my griping, i honestly can live with the puppy-ness any day. i know it will be over before we know it and she’ll be acting like an old water buffalo just like her big brother the Bud-man

in the meantime, providing our new pup with obedience, boundaries, safety, and LOTS OF LOVE are my main concerns

so while i’m on the topic, here’s a list of foods and plants that can be toxic to dogs. if your pooch consumes any of these, consult your vet immediately. the sooner it is addressed, the better your chance of safely treating whatever the outcome is

FOODS that can be TOXIC TO DOGS:
coffee grounds and beans
macademia nuts
yeast dough
baking powder & baking soda
fatty foods & trimmings
cocoa powder
caffeinated items
fruit pits and seeds
rotten or moldy foods
bones from fish
cat food
milk and dairy items
raw eggs
raw fish

Autumn Crocus
Castor Oil Plant
Devil’s Ivy
Elephant Ears
English Ivy
Lily of the Valley
Peace Lily
Calla Lily
Trumpet Lily
Arum Lily
Easter lilies
tiger lilies
day lilies
Meadow Saffron
Sago Palm

wowz – im glad 90% of the list of plants are ones that i have in my house and around the yard – NOT! note to self, keep closer eye on Monster Dog, she has a tendency to chew on everything from the hubsters dirty socks to the metal legs of the coffee table

and have a great weekend

as hurricane Irene is dropping in on us we’ll be having a hurricane party with the G-Ma and cuzz seeking refuge in our hilltop casa… salsa making and jarring/canning is in the forecast now that my new canning kit came in the mail this week – check back next week for a recipe and results!

assistance dawgs rock

i’m a little late in the uptake – but i just found out this week is:

!!International Assistance Dog Week!!

it was started to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability related limitations.

the goals of IADW are to:
recognize and honor assistance dogs
raise awareness and educate the public about assistance dogs
honor puppy raisers and trainers
recognize heroic deeds performed by assistance dogs in our communities

talk about inspiring pups – LEXI has a long way to go!! – Ricochet is kicking some mayja butt in the awesomeness department: