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the new/old way and 100-up’s

i know, i have talked about barefoot/minimalist running before… what can i say, it’s changed my way of running and changed my life, so why wouldn’t i want to continue to brainwash everyone else about it?!

but what really sparked it up again was the other day when i read this article in the NYTimes, “The Once and Future Way to Run” by Christopher McDougall – yes, the same guy that wrote one of my favorite running books “Born to Run”. The article IS a bit on the longer side, but so very interesting if you’re into reading about running, looking to get into the sport and stay injury-free, OR looking to figure out why every time you try to run it hurts – CHECK IT OUT!

long story short – we started out as young’ns running just fine, light and airy, landing on the balls of our feet and never complaining about a shin splint, tight IT band, or plantar fasciitis… then somewhere along the developmental line we found these ‘awesome super supportive cushioned running shoes’ that told sold us on running faster and jumping higher – we’d dig our heel into the pavement instead of landing like we used to…. then, the aches, pains and injuries slowly started to creep up on us.

I know this, I was one of them!… but I have since changed my ways and have (KNOCK ON WOOD) been running injury free since I CROSSED OVER to the ‘other side’ – the simpler side

if you’re looking for more info about this, check out some of my older posts I have linked above, the NYT article from Christopher McDougall, his book “Born to Run”, ChiRunning and ChiWalking information on the internet… or ask me, I LOVE talking about it.

and while we’re at it, check out THIS VIDEO

it has a simple exercise that you could literally do while you’re waiting for the water to boil for tonight’s dinner – it’s called “100-up”. It gets your body and mind on the same page with the new/old way of running… the way that you USED to run, the way that DIDNT hurt – give it a try!!

when dogs attack

yesterday marked the secondyes you read that right, SECONDtime in just a couple of months that my dogs and i were attacked by other dogs while trying to peacefully walk around our neighborhood… and yes mom/dad, this time i did call the cops

warning: this is a lengthy tale – feel free to scroll to the bottom for the ‘what to do when attacked’ portion

we were just a block or so from home, finishing up a 2-3 mile walk with the two dogs. they were happy as clams because they got to sniff all they wanted and were starting to look a little worn out (which takes a LOT for two very active pooches). we rounded one of the last corners of our trek when we saw a younger boxer standing in his driveway, safely held back by his electric fence. as he incessantly barked at us to get away from ‘his property’, we quickly veered to the other side of the street where B&L took to trotting on while sniffing some more specimens.

the boxer followed us along as we made our way out of his ‘territory’, when out of no where an older boxer came darting through the bushes, ran right through the electric fence and made a B-line – with his teeth bearing and hair up on his back – for poor Bud-man’s neck. i screamed bloody hell for help, tried kicking the big dog off to no avail, then the younger one decided to join in on the fun and i quickly found myself trapped and scared to death. my ankles were wrapped up in the leashes, my dogs were startled and trying to hold their own, while the two boxers kept lunging at us… it felt like the l.o.n.g.e.s.t. five minutes of my LIFE.

FINALLY two little girls who lived next door came out and realized i needed help – ‘but what could they do to break this up’, was all i could think. then the neighbor next to them came running over just as the owner decided to make his way out.

‘the owner’RUDE does not even come close to what he is. it took him, uncomfortably long, to grasp what was happening until he called his dogs off of mine and back into his yard.

HIM: HEY, what just happened?!
ME: your dogs just ran through your electric fence and started attacking us
HIM: oh, well are you okay?
ME: i don’t know yet. i think so. i don’t see any blood right now, but i haven’t really checked us over.
HIM: well, they’re up to date on all of their shots, so you should be fine (said over his shoulder as he’s walking away, brushing off what just happened). i don’t know how they got through this fence.
ME: i DO! it’s because its NOT A REAL FENCE!! you need something more than a stupid zap to keep them from hurting other people!!!

i continued on down the street, half trying to get away from the scene and half trying to check the pups and i to see if everyone was alright

LUCKILY, we all made out okay, this time – besides our PRIDE! my ankles are a little bruised from the leash being wrapped around them and Buddy’s tongue was bleeding for a bit, but seemed to die down by the time we made it home. all i kept thinking was how helpless i felt…

how could i not protect my dogs?
what if i had a kid with me and that happened?!

so, in doing some research, i found out:


say ‘NO’ in a loud, deep voice
this does NOT work all of the time, like with me yesterday… the dog’s could care less about what i was saying to try to scare them off. but you may be able to catch the attacking dog off guard by your dominant voice and scare them away.

carry a big stick – no joke!
a lot of the places i found information said that by having a big, heavy stick on your side is one of the best ways to hit the attacking dog with. the best spot to hit them is right between the ears. as many times as it takes to jostle the rage out of them and keep you at enough of a distance to get away. don’t feel bad about this, it’s you and your dogs or them, and you have no idea what they are capable of

carry pepper spray
it doesn’t always have the same effect that it does on humans, but it will do enough to startle the other dog and get it to stop attacking you. if you end up spraying a bit of your own dog while trying to thwart off the attacker with it, it’ll be worth it because you can guide your dog to safety while the other one sets in a haze of peppery goodness

call the police or animal control
you being attacked is not something that you should just brush off and take lightly, as i did our first attack when i was actually bit on the leg by the other dog, trying to fight her off of mine. if the owners and their dogs are able to get away with this, this time, you never know when a little kid is going to be riding their bike by and attacked by that same dog who attacked you – they may not make out the same way you did

foods to fight fall allergies

fall allergy season is in FULL BLOOM!

are you tired of popping your allergy meds every day and still feeling bogged down?

try adding some of these foods to your diet this season, they not only alleviate allergy symptoms, but are a great addition to many tasty recipes:

it’s high in allergy-relieving vitamin C
a member of the crucifer family which has been shown to clear out blocked-up sinuses

high in carotinoids –   vitamin A
contain lots of beta-carotene to ease symptoms

Collard Greens
another carotenoid powerhouse – the darker the leaves, the higher the content

full of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds

a source of bacteria-fighting hydrogen peroxide
offers antioxidants that help mend mucous membranes

it’s also a member of the crucifer family
contains a form of vitamin A, which has been shown to improve allergy symptoms

Onions and Garlic
packed with quercetin – helps fight allergies by acting like an antihistamine and vitamin C, which keeps inflammation at bay, helping with things like stuffy noses

also rich in carotenoids

Salmon and Herring
rich in omega-3s


Allergy-symptom TRIGGERS
what to stay away from:

melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew)
(if you can’t live without these while experiencing allergy related symptoms, cooking these foods will make them okay to consume)

milk and milk products
contain proteins that increase mucus production


Father Winter will be here before we know it – hang in there fellow allergy sufferers!

revolving doors

mind you – this went down before my morning caffeine kick:
i couldn’t help but crack up this morning when i was walking into my office building and the foreigner in front of me literally smacked right into the glass on the revolving door because they were going through it the wrong way… i was bent over laughing at what just went down, even the security guard got a kick out of it and was shaking his head in disbelief

i know, i know, totally not PC, right?! but seriously, 5 years of walking through the same set of doors every day and that was probably the best laugh i’ve ever had on my way in!!

then, on the elevator ride up while i was still shaking off my giggles, i had a slight change of heart

maybe in other countries the revolving doors really do go the other way?!

so, after my usual morning check-ins, i just HAD to digg into this – and low and behold, Watson, my wonderings were correct

In right hand traffic countries, revolving doors typically revolve counter-clockwise, allowing people to enter and exit only on the right side of the door. In left hand traffic countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, revolving doors typically revolve clockwise. Door rotations in England vary.

altho, watch yo’ self Americans, there IS a restaurant in Atlanta – the Tavern at Phipps – which has a “large antique revolving door at one of the entrances. A prominent sign on the door reminds people to enter to the left, and explains that the door was originally installed in London in 1908.”… heh, note to self when traveling to the ATL

so i guess i have to take back my cracking up episode this morning because this person did look like they were from another country. although… I don’t think her country was one of the ones with left hand traffic, but i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt today :0)


ensure with insur-ance

CONGRATS to our good friends who are going to be new parents soon – to these two adorable little bits of goodness!!

they asked if we had ever looked into getting pet insurance for our pups… i did – many moons ago – look into that option

i did some digging, made some spreadsheets, asked other pet owners for their stories… a lot of confusion and debating later, i hung up that idea on the fence

the conditions, clauses, deductibles, closures and whatnot had my head spinning, worrying more over what may come, will they get hit by a car, will they get cancer, do i want to use it for annual stuff and prevention or treatments… i threw in the flag and decided to pray that nothing too tragic will happen to our pets and also put together a little ‘doggie fund’ in case it is ever needed – HOPEFULLY it does not need to be tapped!

BUT – there are some great resources out there if you want to scour them and determine if they fit you and your pet’s needs

places like:

VPI Pet Insurance

Pets Best Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Petplan Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

it really all depends on what you want to pay now for what may or may not happen later. they can include the yearly things like physicals, check ups, teeth cleaning and go all the way to cancer prevention and treatment.

look very closely at the fine print, not all of the costs of the procedures/treatments are fully covered, or the deductible may not make it worth even going through the insurance.

and in the meantime, i’ll continue to pray to St. Francis of Assisi that he keeps our animals safe and blessed

i hope this helps J – looking forward to seeing more pictures of the pups!

toxic food and plants for dogs

its crazy what almost three years can wipe from your memory… in the first few weeks of getting acquainted with our new rescue pup – ie Monster Dog

errr, i mean Lexi (btw her cuteness totally helps her out daily!)

phrases like this were flung around our house like they were going out of style:

don’t eat that
no biting
stop chewing that
GET over here
was Buddy really like this too?!?!

we’d been so jaded by Buddy‘s new-found maturity that we kind of forgot what having a puppy is like… talk about a ker-smack in the face :0)

he’s constantly giving me this ‘it was NOT ME’ look, such a good boy

despite my griping, i honestly can live with the puppy-ness any day. i know it will be over before we know it and she’ll be acting like an old water buffalo just like her big brother the Bud-man

in the meantime, providing our new pup with obedience, boundaries, safety, and LOTS OF LOVE are my main concerns

so while i’m on the topic, here’s a list of foods and plants that can be toxic to dogs. if your pooch consumes any of these, consult your vet immediately. the sooner it is addressed, the better your chance of safely treating whatever the outcome is

FOODS that can be TOXIC TO DOGS:
coffee grounds and beans
macademia nuts
yeast dough
baking powder & baking soda
fatty foods & trimmings
cocoa powder
caffeinated items
fruit pits and seeds
rotten or moldy foods
bones from fish
cat food
milk and dairy items
raw eggs
raw fish

Autumn Crocus
Castor Oil Plant
Devil’s Ivy
Elephant Ears
English Ivy
Lily of the Valley
Peace Lily
Calla Lily
Trumpet Lily
Arum Lily
Easter lilies
tiger lilies
day lilies
Meadow Saffron
Sago Palm

wowz – im glad 90% of the list of plants are ones that i have in my house and around the yard – NOT! note to self, keep closer eye on Monster Dog, she has a tendency to chew on everything from the hubsters dirty socks to the metal legs of the coffee table

and have a great weekend

as hurricane Irene is dropping in on us we’ll be having a hurricane party with the G-Ma and cuzz seeking refuge in our hilltop casa… salsa making and jarring/canning is in the forecast now that my new canning kit came in the mail this week – check back next week for a recipe and results!

prepare yo’self

sung to the tune of Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners:

Come on Irene, will you be really mean?
And make your way up, to the Jersey Shorrrrrre
With you on our minds, we’re securing the lines.
Are you coming? Ah, come on Irennnnnne!

thank you, thank you – i thought of that all by myself :0)

soooooo – with the possible arrival of Hurricane Irene to the east coast this weekend, it seems like the media, neighborhoods, offices – and pretty much everywhere – are buzzing in anticipation of what’s to come

boats are frantically being pulled out of local marinas, lawn furniture is being secured or stowed away, windows are being boarded up, pantries and fridges are being stocked… some areas, like the Carolinas, are even starting evacuations

what can you do to prepare yo’self for this hurricane that may touch down?!

these are the main tips i found on NOAA’s site, but check here for further information:

develop a plan
know your homes vulnerability to storm surge, flooding, and wind
determine a safe room or safe area in your home
determine escape routes and places to meet
determine what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate
prepare your pets – food, vaccines, ID, current picture
check your insurance coverage – especially flood
stock non-perishable emergency supplies
create a disaster supply kit
check batteries in flashlights and smoke detectors
get a weather radio or put new batteries in the one you have
fill your cars with gas
put away or secure anything in your yard that could fly away or be blown by the wind
NOAA has highlighted these resources for securing your home:

i’ll admit, a good ol’ storm coming is really, really exciting to me – call me crazy, but i have forever loved heading down to the beach to check out the waves when a big storm is rolling in or playing in the flooded streets on boogie boards and paddle boats, even seeing trees come down in my parents backyard during the Nor’easters of the ’90s still raises the hair on my arms… however, now that i am a homeowner, that thought of preparing for the worst but hoping for the best is ringing true even more so!

we may not get anything besides a lot of rain and wind, or we may need to ‘batten down the hatches’ when Irene comes rolling through – only mother nature knows for sure what is in store for us

but, by following some simple precautions to prepare yourself and your family, staying informed and alert, developing a plan and keeping in contact with your loved ones,  you can soundly say you did everything you could to prepare yo’self!