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restore the shore

faith in humanity = restored

if there was any doubt in my mind about the compassion that existed in others, it has been proven this past week, by leaps and bounds

it’s truly heart warming to see first hand all of this coming-together-ness going on

help has come in from near:
local families, friend and groups getting together to volunteer at shelters, collect donations, hand out a warm meal, clean up homes, or maybe just to lend a shoulder to lean on

and help has come from far:
troopers from 11 states were sworn in yesterday to assist the police force, power companies drove in/flew in from states all over the country, national guard and federal support, donation packages from out-of-staters who have family/friends in the area, and that’s naming just a few

it still breaks my heart when i see another slideshow or photo gallery of the aftermath of Sandy to our area.
the homes destroyed.
the families displaced.
the landmarks that will forever be tainted.

but at the end of the day, we all still have each other.
we WILL get through this.
and we’re getting through this because of the immense support system out there.

KUDOS to everyone who is making a difference and lending a helping hand!