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the giraffe test

your weekly special:
FRIDAY funnies

The Giraffe Test

there are 4 questions – don’t miss one!

1) How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

stop and think about it and decide on your answer BEFORE you look at the answer

~the correct answer~
open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door.
(this question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way)


2) How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

~the correct answer~
open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door.
(i bet you thought, open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator? – this tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions)


3) The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals attend, except one. Which animal does not attend?

~the correct answer~
the elephant, he’s in the refrigerator. you just put him in there.
(this tests your memory… okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities)


4) There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?

~the correct answer~
you jump into the river and swim across.
(this tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes. have you not been listening? all the crocodiles are attending the Animal Conference!)


According to Anderson Consulting Worldwide, around 90% of the Professionals they tested got all questions wrong, but many preschoolers got several correct answers. Anderson Consulting says this conclusively proves the theory that most professionals do not have the brains of a four-year-old.


what’s on for the weekend?!

i’ll be getting my seed growing station set up inside (here’s last year’s operation), turning over the crimson clover to create that green manure i was raving about, planting pepper seeds (i know, i’m a little late on this!), and running 9 miles (i have 15k & 10 mile races at the end of the month and the half marathon may 6th!)

a whatta -thlon?

‘so what kind of -thlon did you do this weekend?’ is usually what i get asked by my co-workers when i come in on a monday morning after a race weekend

sometimes i even find myself getting tongue tied keeping up with all of the different kinds of competitions out there and their names. so here’s a handy, dandy, lil break down for you to keep up with the event lingo {which, btw, i know i am probably missing some here, so if you want to add to the list, leave deets in the comments section!}:

running 26.2 miles, usually on roads
there is also a just as popular half marathon option which is running 13.1 miles

Duathlon or Biathlon
consists of two events
commonly a run leg, followed by a cycling leg, then another run leg, but sometimes it will be just a run then bike, or bike then run

Aquathlon or Aquathon
consists of a swim leg followed by a run leg

Aqua-Velo or Aquabike
consists of a swim leg followed by a cycling leg

consists of three events
commonly a swim leg, followed by a cycling leg, and finishing with a run leg
distances vary – Sprint (750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run), Olympic (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run), Long Course {Half Ironman} (1.9 km swim, 90 km ride, 21.1 km run), and Ultra {Ironman} (3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, and a marathon: 42.2 km run)

Quadrathlon or Tetrathlon
consists of four events
commonly a swim leg, then a cycling leg, followed by a kayaking leg, and finishing with a run leg

consists of five events
the ‘modern version’ = shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian, and cross country running
the ‘ancient version’ = consisting of a standing long jump, discus throw (ancient style), javelin throw, 192-metre run, and a Greco-Roman wrestling match

the jist of the rest of them:
Heptathlon (seven events mainly track and field based)
Octathlon (eight events mainly track and field based)
Decathlon (ten events mainly track and field based)

see – there really IS something for everybody!

and just in case you were wondering – the Duathlon i competed in this weekend… 1st in my age group! SCORE!! i know, not much competition with just 150 people in it, but 29th overall for me works just as well :0) it was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, then 2 mile run
(full stats added to the EVENTS page)

from elephants to ninjas

after putting in – what felt like – a very long 12 weeks this past winter to train for my FIRST half marathon (which i completed in may!!) i had a little chat with the inner-Mel and decided it was time to make a change…

a little back info – just a few days into my training period i hit up a podiatrist with plantar fasciitis issues and ended up needing to wear orthodics in my sneaks because of my high arch – he actually had the nerve to tell me ‘maybe you just weren’t made to run’… obviously i DID NOT listen to him 🙂

in addition to the inserts, i would hit up my aunt on a weekly basis for her ever popular ‘poppy foot rubs’, was constantly using the stick and a foam roller to ease my banjo string tight IT bands and hamstrings, sporting compressions sleeves after the long runs to stop the shin splints from aching… but i trucked on, like a true CAPRICORN – even though my head and heart were there, my body was – in its best way possible – telling me otherwise

now… some athletes like to live by the motto ‘no pain, no gain’,
i on the other hand prefer the ‘there’s got to be a better way’

i told you about this book and these sneaks that i picked up days after the half to ‘go about my change’, but i never really followed up on it all (sorry about that – gardening got in the way!)… so since im am heading into my first triathlon of the season this weekend, and {knock on wood} have been running pain free for the past 3 months, i guess its time to fill you in on how i went from a heel striking elephant to a graceful mid-foot striker, ninja-ing my way through the streets of the ‘sink

the book was really the one that put this idea in my head… 304 pages later, i felt like i couldnt finish it quick enough. it was funny and captivating and kinda had a sciency aspect, but had this story line that just kept calling me back for more. i wanted to know all of it RIGHT NOW!

a couple of points that really stood out to me from reading it:

said so eloquently by THE BOSSbaby we were born to run‘… IT IS SO TRUE! just look at a toddler bounding along on the balls of their feet, no shoes required

when and why did we start to need these decked-out running shoes anyway, with their uber support mechanisms and insoles that provided enough cushion to make you feel like you were running on marshmallows?!

i havent felt lighter or stronger in my runs since i started wearing my ninja sneaks – ie Brooks Green Silence and focusing on landing on my mid-foot versus pounding my heel into the ground…

now granted, i didnt just pop these babies on and head out for a bunch of miles. i worked into them over the course of a couple of weeks, slowly building up the miles with them after coming back from a run in my ‘usual’ sneaks, until one day they actually became my ‘usuals’!

in that time i could literally feel the muscles in my feet getting stronger and stronger. gone are the days of needing my prescription orthodic inserts and NOW are the days of treading a little lighter, running a little faster and feeling like im almost gliding over the earth – instead of pounding into it!

WHAT a concept?! really!

>half in the bag


2:05 for my FIRST half marathon – owwwwwwwwwwww :0)

my prediction was off by 5 minutes, i blame it on the newbie status… next year it is ON!!

words can not even be used to explain how cool of a feeling racing in your first event is… to know you put your body and mind through months of training, all to come together for this ONE day, it is quite remarkable looking back now to see just how far your body will take you, with the right amount of training and love

i was on a runner’s high from the minute my aunt picked me up – before the sun even came up! – until i was vegging on the couch that night icing my achey knees (tell me how your knees feel after pounding the pavement for 2+ hours!)… i actually think i still may have a bit of the high leftover because i just signed up to do this all again next year… in which we actually will come in under 2 hours! im shooting for a 1:45 – at least – but we’ll see how it goes… i feel like doing this once before i kinda know now what i need to tweak to be faster for next years race. queue the sinister laugh – mwahahahaha

what i learned in the past 12 weeks:
more icing/stretching after the long runs
i cannot say enough about how important it is to keep your muscles as flexible and limber as possible… all of those pains and aches start popping up when i slack in this area
more interval training
even though i did a fair amount of this, i know ill need to work even harder at this to get faster
keep up the hill training
even though i cursed the hills in my neighborhood as i was giving it my all to climb up and down them, i thank my lucky stars i was crazy enough to tackle them weekly – it really helped running a flat race after doing all of that hill work
more massages
i failed completely in this area except for two days before the race when my body was just saying ‘no more’… note to self, book more of these!
AND stop thinking so much
when i got to the 10 mile mark, i told myself, ‘just a 5k to go’, then it set really in, ‘a 5k to go?!?!’… having only run up to 10 miles in training, it was like i hit a mental/physical block and for some reason that last 5k felt like it used up everything i had left inside of me. next year, there will be no block at the 10 mile mark! i know i can do this now and i personally plan on kicking that last 5k’s @$$

there’s lots more to add to this list, but wasting any more time beating myself up over the ‘i told you so’s’ is SO-NOT-WORTH-IT… eh-hem, moving forward!

ive got TWO sprint tri’s on the plate for the end of this summer that ill start to spearhead the training on come mid-june. until then, im working on getting my 5k race speed up to par … anyone have any helpful hints on speed, speed, SPEED?!

p.s. heres me, my aunt, my cousin’s neighbor and my cousin – lookin all perty, soakin in the rays before the race

i wouldn’t normally post a personalized shot such as this, but its available to anyone and their mother on the race’s website, so… and pss, those arm warmers im rocking, TOTALLY happy i bought them the week before the race. they kept me nice and warmed up during the pre-race waiting around and were easy enough to slide down once i got going



hit up the expo for the nj marathon and long branch half marathon today with my cuzz… wasn’t quite as spectacular as all of the lit made it out to be, but it still rocked some sweet freebies and dealz. and the race tech-t has the course map on the back, mmmm lovin it :0)
i come home to some-thing wreaking some havoc in the garden
 my soon-to-b SIL made this and gave it to me for my bday… lets just say the dirty elf gift exchange on xmas eve gets a little out of control in our family, and yes a garden gnome was involved!

>the best of YOU


hola blog readers :0)
you may have thought i fell off of a cliff, or got lost in a deep cavern… maybe even abducted by some of the little green men from mars… rest assured – i am STILL treading along on planet earth… 
got a little tied up in some humanly business this past month. ie, lots of new responsibilities at work (JC tells me its job security … im begging to differ), training for a half marathon (which is THIS WEEKEND!!!!), getting the veggie garden started (the little guys are a’growing away in my beauty-ous greenhouse), and all of the other accouterments that revolve around living (use your imagination)
i think i can safely say i can now get back into the swing of these blog things
and on that note, id like to share a beautiful bit of goodness i just read on this blog i check out here and there – gracefulfitness – about highlighing the best in yourself. FAR too often we look at just the negatives, Faith so eloquently reminds us:
This is about each of us identifying what old, useless, negative thoughts we are holding onto about our bodies.  The energy put into these thoughts is better spent taking action on the things you can change and this is the intention I will foster in my next decade.

what is the best of you and what can you change about yourself today?

>powa gelz


ive been doing a lot of researching lately on proper fueling for this race ive been training for… there is just so much information out there i almost feel inundated at times!
does anyone have any input on proper fuelage?! please tell me, i’m all ears!!

i did pick up some of those power gel packs at our local running store… i still have yet to try them out, as i’m thinking a 5 miler is not quite conducive for needing a mid-run fuelage of any sorts… altho, this coming weekend i start kicking up my milage and i want to get this fuel stuff figured out (i.e. does my stomach like it?!) before the BIG DAY!
then i got thinking… why would i want/need to put these fabricated products into my body when mother nature has a miraculous way of doing just the same?!

id been holding on to this snippet from the desk calendar i had last year… if i remembered the name of it id tell you, but for some reason i cant find any credits for the author anywhere… sorry bout that (if you are the author and read this, tell me and i’ll put in the creds where due!)

so here it is, quite simple and packs all of the fuelage stuff thats in the store bought ones, minus the ingredients you cant pronounce:

add one of the following to 2 T honey:
2 T. peanut butter
2 T. apple butter
half a banana
combine these in a blender until smooth and creamy
add 1 t. lemon juice – to cut the sweetness – and blend again

this can be carried in a fuel bottle (found at a sporting goods stores) or a small ziplock baggie (you can bite/tear off the end when ready to consume)

how easy is that?! tasty to consume, easy to make, and you actually know exactly whats in it – LOVE it!

oh, and dont you know it, i picked up a palm sized fuel bottle this past weekend… you know me and my gadgets

word on the street is to down this at about the 6, 7, or 8 mile mark (depending on how you feel) out of the 13.1… i’m trying it out this weekend on my longie, will let you know how it goes!!