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pickle me green

what do you do with 8 pounds of green tomatoes?
why, pickle ’em, of course!

the tomato plants in the veggie garden have been looking rather sad these past couple of weeks, i think its the colder weather at night, or the sun not performing to its fullest during the day… whatever it is, i decided on saturday that they were coming down to make way for the crimson clover seeds i ordered to create some green manure over the winter!

the GREEN party getting started:

the first round ready for the brine:

and the final product:which could easily be mistaken for monkey brains – be sure to label :0)

here’s how it all went down this sunday afternoon–>


The recipe below can make from 12-21 pint jars (or 6-10 quarts), I used about 5-8 pounds green (no red at all) tomatoes – can be grape, cherry, or if bigger you may have to cut them up so they can fit nicely in the jars.

BRINE Ingredients:
2 qt. white distilled vinegar
3 qt. water
3/4 c. fine non-iodized salt

Put all of these ingredients in a stock pot and bring to a boil.

In the meantime, each of your sanitized jars (this is for pints, double if using quarts) gets filled up with:
1-3 garlic cloves (or shallots)
1 t. fresh dill
1/2 t. olive oil
1/4 t. pickling spice
1/4 t. alum (optional – keeps product crisper)
1 t. – 1/2 T. chopped spicy pepper
green tomatoes until about 1/2″ from the top

Once the brine comes to a boil, fill your jars (that are already filled with the tomatoes, herbs, spices) until about 1/2″ from the top.
Clean off the rims.
Place on the lids.
Screw on the lids until finger-tight.
Place in hot water bath to process for 10 minutes, after it comes to a rolling boil.
Let rest in water with heat off for 5 mins.
Take out, place jars on straining tray, leave them be for 12-24 hours, then check the seals – reprocess if necessary.
Let the pickling powers work their magic for a couple of weeks, then ENJOY!


i think this calls for a GIVEAWAY!!

leave a comment letting me know if you’d like to be entered in the drawing to
(family, friends, people I see every day – ALL are allowed to enter in the drawing!!)

day & night

a friend shared a link to this photo challenge today on FB and i couldnt help but look more into it

contestants had a week to “Capture day and night, occurring at the exact same spot, within a single frame.”

the winner was ‘Morning Lights’ by Christina Crowner

and there are 40 others on this site to check out for yourself – truly awesome pieces of art!

here are some of my faves from the gallery:

by Eric Li

by Ian De La Cruz

by Chris DePrisco


and last but not least – the WINNER of the salsa giveaway is:

send me your address and i’ll get a jar out to you stat!
hungry4living at gmail dot com

a-corny squash & a-FREEbie

as part of my sacrificial planting scheme for my garden this year, i ended up with some winter squash product that i wasn’t really expecting but was very happy to receive

this summer opened up a whole new world to my taste buds! i got to try spaghetti squash for the first time in my life, and i sadly regret not trying it sooner

and now, these cool lil green things (ie acorn squash) hit ripening level just the the other day in the garden. luckily the WordPress dashboard highlighted this blog post so i could try out this recipe… talk about timing right?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i followed the recipe just as it was, accompanied with some chicken and rice… MMMM boy was it deelish! i even caught the antiveggie-eatinghubster kinda liking it too :0)

enough veggie talk for now – we’re on to the freebie goodness!

myspace image at Gickr

if you’d like to receive a pint or half pint of my very own homemade salsa, leave a comment telling me which size you’d like to win and i’ll put a drawing together shortly!
yuup, it’s that simple… and if you want to be extra special, if you haven’t already, LIKE the new page on Facebook!


lazy mondays

just dropping in to let you know i am still here!
yes, i survived the wine festival and even made it home with a clear enough head to cook up the acorn squash thats been growing away in the garden

we had a great labor day weekend, i hope you enjoyed yours too
as you can see by the pooches, we’re spent – but loved every second of it!

i’ll be back tomorrow with a more thorough post {i promise!}

the rest of the week will be filled with:
a trip to the beach
the wine fest – reviews and pics
acorn squash delicioso-ness
a ‘Mel’s homemade salsa’ giveaway
and a couple of new additions to the BLOG :0)