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mini carrot cake

have you ever thought to use your panini press to bake? i def have not – until NOW!

this remarkably crafty woman over at the blog Panini Happy does just this, and much, much more on her panini press

i came across her recipe for Mini Carrot Cake and am starting to look at my panini press in a whole new light!

perfect for two:

get the recipe and directions HERE!

gone are the days of pulling out the old uni-tasker out for just ooey-gooey-toasted-sandwiches – game on panini press, GAME ON!

microwaved chips

homemade, crispy, fat-free chips made in your microwave in 3-5 minutes… is anyone else skeptical about this gadget?

i’m normally one to jump on board the gizmo-wagon, but i don’t know about this one. have any readers tried one of these things?!

granted – the ease of it does sound enticing. for under $20 you get a mandolin to slice root veggies or fruit and the tray cooker for your microwave. slice, pat dry, nuke for 3-5 minutes and out come your tasty chips

check out more details on the actual product HERE

if you’re not feeling the microwave-ness of it all, HERE‘s a post from a couple of months ago with a recipe on HOMEMADE VEGGIE CHIPS

what e-books wont tell you

i may be a little biased in the e-book department – for obvious reasons to those who personally know me – but this article i read over at Smart Money brought to light some interesting concepts:

#1. “We’re not one-reader-fits-all.”
#2. “Sometimes you’re buying spam.”
#3. “Good luck grabbing our sales and freebies.”
#4. “Our prices are under investigation.”
#5. “Better watch your data bill.”
#6. “Borrowing isn’t as easy as we make it out to be.”
#7. “We don’t have much marketing clout.”
#8. “…But our presence is still killing bookstores.”
#9. “The extras will cost you.”
#10. “E-books are the new latte.”

are they really all they’re cracked up to be?
which do you prefer and why?

i will confess, i have purchased a few e-books on the Kindle app on my iPhone. they were only offered in hardcover at the time of purchase and lugging a HC book on a daily commute puts quite a strain on my already over-filled ‘survival pack’… could i have just waited for them to come to soft cover? of course! but they were sequels or parts of series i was already hooked on at the time and just couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

being the good ol’ fashioned book lover that i am, i’ll admit that i found it kind of weird to not be able to dog ear pages to hold my mark, feel the paper on my fingertips and smell the book… yes, i smell my books :0)

solarize your lives

about 15 years ago my friend’s family had solar panels installed on their roof. i thought it was such an interesting and sci-fi-ish concept at the time – using the SUN‘s energy to heat the water in their house… boy, things gave come a LONG way in just a short amount of time, haven’t they?!

these days, it seems like solar panels can be found on just about everything

from lamps

to backpacks

to laptop and iPad cases

to inflatable emergency light packs

to phone cases

to paper and fabric

hellz, you can even create your very own radio for just $3

or have these earrings light up your look

it is truly remarkable what 15 years of science and technology have brought about,
here’s to wondering what the next 15 will bring us!

if you are in NJ and happen to be in the market for a solar panel installation for your commercial building, hit me up, i know some people :0)

cooler corn & cookie bowls

i know… this probably ranks pretty high up there on my list of ‘odd post names’, but really, how else do you sell these two ideas?!

the first one came to me the other day from a friend.
i had never before heard of the COOLER CORN concept and really cannot wait to try it out!

all you have to do is fill a clean cooler with shucked ears of corn, pour boiling water in, close the lid, and 30 minutes later you have perfectly cooked corn, ready to enjoy… this works especially well when you are feeding a large crowd or have limited stove top space available – OR, just want to try out something hella kewl!

the best part, you can leave it for a couple of hours and the corn will not overcook, it will actually stay at the ‘right’ temp until feeding time. supposedly this method is pretty popular in the outdoorsy world, i found some camping websites talking about it.


found over at lifehacker, derived from Wilton’s site…

you don’t have to get all fancy shmancy and buy an actual tray just for these, you can flip over any old muffin tray (i’ll be trying this with the jumbo sized one!!), squish on some cookie dough, bake away and you’ve got yo’self an awesome cookie bowl to fill up with ice cream, berries, you name it!

if only…

adding to my perpetual list of
i had thought of this:

DrinKlipI could find a million uses for this thing!

a homemade cloche from PVC and plastic
(used to create a greenhouse effect over your garden in the cooler months)
by the Westside Gardener

a pot rack in that useless corner cabinet
by Childfree Chic

keep the ingenious ideas coming – these are GREAT!

its herb dryin time

man, i wish that went along better to the tune of Peanut Butter Jelly Time

anyways – that time of the year has come when the first frost is just around the corner and you realize you have this BASIL beast growing away in your herb garden

what do i do with it all?
wellz – the past couple of years you could bob and weave your way through my garage during the beginning of the fall, trying not to knock into one of the zillion bushels of herbs drying out. this method does work well, but, being the rather impatient one that i am, this year i just didnt feel like waiting the couple of weeks that it takes, then having to bag/jar it all up to either freeze or store in the pantry

thankfully Farmer T did the leg work on researching this awesome Dehydrator which takes just ONE DAY to dry out two 8oz jars of herbs – tooooo cool right?!

this is what just 4 stalks of my plant looks like laid out on the drying racks (oh yeah – and when the directions say to ‘cut the leaves in half lengthwise to aid in the drying process’, you may want to actually listen to them. they may have tested this a couple of times!)

of course – my trusty sous chefs were on hand to assist in all herb-prep matters

here’s just a couple of hours in – already starting to shrivel up

and boy were the pooches pooped by the 24 hour mark!

keeping a watchful eye on the dehydrator is such a tough job :0)


i ended up ordering another set of racks (they come in packs of two) and two more sets of the fine mesh tray inserts that lay on the rack to prevent smaller herbs from slipping through the cracks

i have sage cooking away in there now, ready to pack in jars when i get home from work tonight… LOTS more herbies in the garden to dry out for the season!!