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The Baked Ham

I heard this story over the weekend while talking to a soil scientist who worked for the USDA. He would tell the story to farmers who till their soil. But, the moral of the story is applicable to lots of things in life.

A father was in the kitchen preparing the traditional family recipe for Easter dinner, a baked ham. His young son was sitting in to learn this recipe as he recently gained an interest in learning to cook. The father prepared a glaze, preheated the oven, sliced up pineapple, trimmed any fat, and then cut off each end of the ham.

As the father was pinning the last pineapple onto the ham, the son curiously asked “Why did you cut off each end of the ham?”. The father replied, “That is part of the recipe and how I learned to cook it from your grandfather”. The son thought about this for a moment and pursued his curiosity further, “Can we call Grandpa and ask him why the ends of the ham need to be cut off?”. The father nodded and began to dial his father.

“Dad, why is it that we need to cut the ends of the Easter ham?”. The grandfather responded, “I would think that it helps the ham cook better, but I haven’t tried it any other way. Ask my mother when she gets there why she cut the ends off, she was the one who originated the recipe”.

Soon after the phone call, the great grandmother walked in the door. The young son ran over to her and asked, “Great Grandma, why do we need to cut the ends off the ham?”. She smiled and replied, “Because the only pan I had was too small for the ham, so I had to cut the ends off”

It is one thing to question and reevaluate legacy behavior. But it should never be ignored or disregarded, and always carefully considered.


color me pink

i have been
i’ll be the first to admit it… up until my rude awakening during today’s lunch break of watching an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, i hadn’t really put much thought into it. IT being PINK SLIME.

i know, i know, what have i been living under a rock?! its been all the rage in the news these days.

but today’s the day, i’m not turning back and i’m taking a stand. no more PINK SLIME will make it past my lips… and even though its rocky terrain trying to brainwash others ;0) i’ll do my best to keep my family and friends from ingesting this gnarly stuff as well.

SOOO – the who’s and what’s:

in a nutshell – it’s processed scraps of beef trimmings and fat (ie the parts of the cow that don’t make it to the shelves) which are then treated with ammonia (NO JOKE! – that’s how they pass it off as ‘killing the bad stuff’)

and chances are YOU have had it too – if you have feasted on a burger at a restaurant or fast food joint, a friend’s bbq, bought lean ground beef at a food store, and the saddest yet, public school lunches!
insert gag reflex

it’s mixed with ground beef to stretch it out, manufacturers can produce more product for less money, and sometimes it’s not even mixed with real ground beef, you’re just eating straight up, cooked PINK SLIME!

what can you do?
KNOW WHAT is in the food you eat
KNOW WHERE the food you eat comes from

as of May 2012, these stores and chains DO NOT SELL beef products with pink slime additives or filler:
Whole Foods Market
Kroger (which includes King Soopers and City Market stores)
Stop N Shop

if you are not at one of these places and unsure of what you may be about to purchase to make your tasty meat balls for dinner, ask the butcher! they can point out the products that do not include additives and fillers.

don’t get SLIMED, get educated!

family tree

been doing some digging around in the family tree lately – pretty awesome stuff to be found out there… something about digging up artifacts from the past is so fascinating to me

got some lines traced back to the early days of the US forming and other roots from their immigration days, ship manifests and all!

this made me laugh tho – especially after a cousin (through marriage) told me how he found out his 9th great grandparents had the same 3rd great grandfather