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>the missing link


it was like i put out my question to the universe and it answered me back… i think there may be a book out there about that concept :0)
patiently waiting in my inbox this morning was a newsletter from with an article so fittingly titled ‘pick up the pace with a track workout

ummm – HELLLLLO! i was just wondering the other day how to get faster and improve my speed!! hmmm… so, if i make the miles go by faster, would it feel like i didn’t run as many?!

highlights from the article i’m getting started with:

In and Outs
run the straight sections of the track at a fast pace, recover with slow jogging around the turns
run intervals of 100, 200, 400, 200 and 100 meters all at race pace, recover by jogging the same distance as the interval you just performed
run four to six 400-meter repeats at your goal 5k pace, jogging 400 meters between efforts
not too many numbers or instructions to remember while im whizzing around the track and these actually seem pretty doable on a work night to pound the local track for about an hour… who’s with me?!

>savin dough, pumpin gas


there’s chatter going on all over the world wide web psyching everyone out for the heightened gas prices we are expecting for this summer… déjà vu?! ugh, i really did not like to scrounge up that $5/gal we had to pay

every penny counts, right?! start getting used to these tips/tricks now, so when crunch time hits, you’ll already be ahead of the game:

buy or fill up your tank in the early morning when the ground temp is still cold
the colder the ground, the more dense the gasoline
when it gets warmer, gasoline expands, so when you buy in the afternoon/evening, your gallon isn’t really a whole gallon
this doesn’t really apply to us Jerseyans who have the pleasure of being greeted and waited on by a lovely gas station attendant… but if you do have the option to squeeze your own trigger, pump that baby on the lowest setting availablethis minimizes the vapors that are created which end up being sucked back into the underground storage tank at the station
fill your tank when its half full, or better yet, a little more than half full… don’t wait until you’re running on E
the more gas you have in your tank, the less air occupies the empty space, and gasoline evaporates very quickly
if there is a gasoline truck pumping gas into the storage tanks at your station, move on to the next one… which in the beautiful state of NJ is usually only a .4 minute ride down the street
the gas is being stirred up by the new stuff coming in which may cause some of the dirt that is normally hanging out on the bottom to go into your car… err, just the thought of that sounds like a no-go!
and lastly, if where you’re headed is under a mile or so away, is it really that hard to hop on your bike to get there? you’ll be there in far less than 10 minutes, you’ll get some exercise on the way and you’ll be saving some dough you would have otherwise wasted … ps – i hear bike baskets are making a mayja comeback!

>toned to the core


some of you may have already started to daydream about soaking up the rays and enjoying the beach this summer, as for the others who are still stuck dreaming of the sugar plum fairies, did you know that summer is just about 15 weeks away?! and yes, i know i totally skipped over spring – im a tru shore girl, what can i say :0)
theres no time like the present to get started on toning up your bod so you can strut your stuff with confidence! a little birdie asked me if there are any ‘exercises that you could recommend that would be KIND to my back that would tighten my mid area pouch’ – you ask, i answer!
the first stop on the train to getting a flatter stomach is upping your metabolic rate… cardio, cardio, cardio!! its such a common misconception, just doing some sit-ups is not the only key to a toned mid section. you have to decrease your overall body fat to start to see any effects of the hard work you’re putting in with your exercises. im not saying you have to start training for a half marathon, a brisk – get your heart pumpin – 30 min walk before or after dinner a couple of nights a week, maybe add in a nice bike ride on the weekend, that’s really all it takes to get started.
the next stop on the train is the actual exercises… there are LOTS out there, but all you really need is you, a mat to protect your bod from the hard floor and some good ol’ determination to not give up even when you start to feel the burn. some of the things mentioned below also require dumbbells and/or an exercise ball… if you don’t have these, don’t get them just because of this, skip to the next exercise instead!
my first rec is def pilates. i discovered this wonderful world about 5 years ago and fell in LOVE, hardcore… to this day, i don’t think there is anything that compares to the results you achieve in a pilates class or practicing with a video/dvd. the exercises tone your entire body with concentration on your core, all while improving your flexibility too… er, who doesn’t love the win-wins?!
some more recs:
from Fitness Magazine’s “From Flab to Fab: Tone Up in 15 Minutes” – includes yoga-ish moves, not the traditional crunches and sit ups methods… gentle, back loving exercises

from’s “Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises” 
& “Best Abdominal Exercises and Core Workouts” – included in these mixes are things like the bicycle, exercise ball crunches, vertical crunches, and planks… the key is to do a bunch of different ones because each targets different areas of your core
these tips and tricks should get you off to a good start. don’t forget to pace yourself, the pyramids weren’t built overnight, your mid area pouch goes by the same terms! its going to take some time and commitment, but stick to it and you will be happily rewarded