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in honor of Sherry – this Saturday

last week i posted about the ‘Virtual Run’ i will be participating in on THIS Saturday in honor of Sherry

if you live in the Jersey Shore area and want to join the (so far) small group that i have been getting together to run, walk, bike, skip, or jump our way along some beautiful scenic trails, email me at Hungry4Living at gmail dot com for more details!

not in the JS area but want to join in on honoring Sherry?!

no matter what part of the world you are in
runners, walkers, bikers, hoppers, skippers and jumpers are all welcome!
pin on a race bib (found here), snap a pic, hit the streets, trails, beach… wherever – for as long or as short as you want

send your picture to me – or send them straight to SUAR

**why are we joining people all over the world to honor Sherry in this Virtual Run**
on January 7th, 2012, Sherry left her house early in the morning for one of her usual runs. after she did not return home within a reasonable amount of time, her husband alerted the authorities. one of her running shoes was found by the side of the road just ONE MILE from her house. her body has still not been found but two men have admitted to kidnapping and killing her…. i get goosebumps just writing about this.

here’s to ALL of the runners/walkers/bikers out there who never made it safely home

Virtual Run for Sherry – 2/11

earlier in January i stumbled upon this blog via a FB post by a member on my triathlon club’s wall, that led me to this post about a missing runner in Montana…

she goes “Wanted to share this with you all. Please be careful when you run and ride!!”

up to that point, i took the usual precautions, especially before a night run/ride – reflective gear, roadID, maybe a phone if i had a pocket for it… but now when i leave the house its with an added sense of awareness. this woman, wife, mother, sister, teacher – Sherry – in our ‘running world’ is now gone, just a running shoe found !ONE MILE! from her home

so, please join US
no matter what part of the world you are in
on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 11th for a virtual run in honor of Sherry
runners, walkers, bikers, hoppers, skippers and jumpers are all welcome!
pin on your ‘race bib’ and hit the streets, trails, beach… wherever
send me your pics – or send them straight to SUAR

please read (this link) for more information and to get the print out for your ‘race bib’

if you live in the Jersey Shore area and want to join ME on 2/11 at 1pm for a 3, 5, or 7 mile trail run/walk/hike, all levels of participation are welcome to join us in honor of Sherryand ALL of the runners/walkers/bikers out there who never made it safely home.

email me at Hungry4Living at gmail dot com for more details!

power foods

looking for an energy boost to aid in your workouts?

you don’t have to rely on the gimicky snacks, chomps, gels and whatnot they sell on the market, you can easily find it right at the food store –>

for carbs
used mid-sesh

two tablespoons of raisins pack more than 30 grams of carbs, making them ideal for snacking during workouts an hour or longer. when eaten alone, they decrease mouth acidity, helping to prevent harmful bacteria growth that may lead to tooth decay! dentists rejoice

for potassium
used post-sesh

these fun-guys :0) supply potassium crucial for body fluid balance. contain an antioxidant known as L-ergothioneine not found in many foods and known to help fight off free-radical damage.

for healthy fats

One tablespoon supplies your daily need for omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids—essential for heart health, as well as controlling inflammation that may lead to diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. store it in a dark container in the fridge and use for dipping, in dressings, or tossed with pasta or steamed veggies.

for a source of lower-fat protein AND iron

high-protein red meat is lower in saturated fat than beef but packed with many of the same nutrients. each 3.5-ounce serving contains more than 50 percent of your vitamin B12 needs and 30 percent of your needs for iron and zinc–all necessary for muscle function and recovery.

for inflammation fighting

contain antioxidants called anthocyanidins which halt oxidative damage that occurs with aging, and may stave off muscle soreness.

for more carbs

provide fiber and B vitamins to energize your runs.

for extra nutrition at a low cost

a one-cup serving of most canned beans supplies over 25 percent of your Daily Value for protein, almost 60 percent for fiber, and 20 percent for iron, along with a good dose of carbs.

{ via }

the new/old way and 100-up’s

i know, i have talked about barefoot/minimalist running before… what can i say, it’s changed my way of running and changed my life, so why wouldn’t i want to continue to brainwash everyone else about it?!

but what really sparked it up again was the other day when i read this article in the NYTimes, “The Once and Future Way to Run” by Christopher McDougall – yes, the same guy that wrote one of my favorite running books “Born to Run”. The article IS a bit on the longer side, but so very interesting if you’re into reading about running, looking to get into the sport and stay injury-free, OR looking to figure out why every time you try to run it hurts – CHECK IT OUT!

long story short – we started out as young’ns running just fine, light and airy, landing on the balls of our feet and never complaining about a shin splint, tight IT band, or plantar fasciitis… then somewhere along the developmental line we found these ‘awesome super supportive cushioned running shoes’ that told sold us on running faster and jumping higher – we’d dig our heel into the pavement instead of landing like we used to…. then, the aches, pains and injuries slowly started to creep up on us.

I know this, I was one of them!… but I have since changed my ways and have (KNOCK ON WOOD) been running injury free since I CROSSED OVER to the ‘other side’ – the simpler side

if you’re looking for more info about this, check out some of my older posts I have linked above, the NYT article from Christopher McDougall, his book “Born to Run”, ChiRunning and ChiWalking information on the internet… or ask me, I LOVE talking about it.

and while we’re at it, check out THIS VIDEO

it has a simple exercise that you could literally do while you’re waiting for the water to boil for tonight’s dinner – it’s called “100-up”. It gets your body and mind on the same page with the new/old way of running… the way that you USED to run, the way that DIDNT hurt – give it a try!!

a whatta -thlon?

‘so what kind of -thlon did you do this weekend?’ is usually what i get asked by my co-workers when i come in on a monday morning after a race weekend

sometimes i even find myself getting tongue tied keeping up with all of the different kinds of competitions out there and their names. so here’s a handy, dandy, lil break down for you to keep up with the event lingo {which, btw, i know i am probably missing some here, so if you want to add to the list, leave deets in the comments section!}:

running 26.2 miles, usually on roads
there is also a just as popular half marathon option which is running 13.1 miles

Duathlon or Biathlon
consists of two events
commonly a run leg, followed by a cycling leg, then another run leg, but sometimes it will be just a run then bike, or bike then run

Aquathlon or Aquathon
consists of a swim leg followed by a run leg

Aqua-Velo or Aquabike
consists of a swim leg followed by a cycling leg

consists of three events
commonly a swim leg, followed by a cycling leg, and finishing with a run leg
distances vary – Sprint (750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run), Olympic (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run), Long Course {Half Ironman} (1.9 km swim, 90 km ride, 21.1 km run), and Ultra {Ironman} (3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, and a marathon: 42.2 km run)

Quadrathlon or Tetrathlon
consists of four events
commonly a swim leg, then a cycling leg, followed by a kayaking leg, and finishing with a run leg

consists of five events
the ‘modern version’ = shooting, swimming, fencing, equestrian, and cross country running
the ‘ancient version’ = consisting of a standing long jump, discus throw (ancient style), javelin throw, 192-metre run, and a Greco-Roman wrestling match

the jist of the rest of them:
Heptathlon (seven events mainly track and field based)
Octathlon (eight events mainly track and field based)
Decathlon (ten events mainly track and field based)

see – there really IS something for everybody!

and just in case you were wondering – the Duathlon i competed in this weekend… 1st in my age group! SCORE!! i know, not much competition with just 150 people in it, but 29th overall for me works just as well :0) it was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, then 2 mile run
(full stats added to the EVENTS page)

i remember

the hubster and i started this post-race tradition of hitting up one of our favorite breakfast joints in town after my races to have a celebratory eggs, bacon and hashbrown goodness… in fact, most of the time, on the last leg of my race, i start fantasizing about that plate of food!

i don’t have this magnet on my stove for nuthin’
chewed on by the lovely Lexi-monster!

when we just finished up eating i noticed this sign hanging on the wall behind usand couldnt help but think, ‘so dayum tru!’

if i hadnt put myself up to the challenege last year, how could i ever know today that i could not only complete 3 triathlons, but continue to kick my last event’s time in the butt?!
i finished 65th out of 1600 participants and 6th in my age division… and last year it was 299th out of 1438 and 15th in my age division.

seeing progress in my race times and placings just reaffirms the fact to me that whatever i am doing in training is paying off and e.v.e.r.y single day i am learn something new about all of it!

so yesterday morning when we walked over to the start of the race on pretty much the exact same beach where i stood just ten years ago during highschool, watching black smoke pluming from the twin towers… lets just say the normal emotions that are flying through my body and mind at the start of a race were def in super-turbo-overdrive mode. the moment of silence and the national anthem left me with some salty jewels trickling down my cheeks

we were all there that morning with the same mindset, and true to typical american spirit, the commraderie, patriotism and rememberance weren’t skipping any beats. in fact, we all got some sweet high fives for the american flags we markered on for the race:

the day was great! mother nature showered us on the bike ride for a bit… but i looked at it like ‘thanks for cleaning the salt water off of me from the swim’. even though it caused me to drop my water bottle because my hands were so slippery :0) and one of my fave parts was having cuzz right along side of me for the entire leg of the swim. i kept looking over at her and the smile on her face warmed my soul. we high-fived in the water and she tells me ‘this is SO COOL – I’m hooked!’

(AWESOME job on your first TRI cuzzy-cuzz – here’s to MANY more)

another one bites the dust, but i’m not done with the season yet!
just signed up for a duathlon in october and a 5-mile run in november… what more is to come?
who knows… as long as proceeds go to a good cause and its a good challenge, i’m there!

p.s. still flyin high from the tri :0)

P.S.S. there’s still time to enter into the salsa giveaway – just leave a comment letting me know if you want a pint or half-pint and i’ll pull together a drawing shortly!

>happy RUNning day!


today is National Running Day – celebrate in sty-leee by lacing up your sneaks and hitting the streets with some friends, solo, a pooch… whatever it takes!
at the top of their website theres a ticker scrolling of excerpts people have submitted on their ‘I run….’ menu. there’s lots of different reasons one may decide to take up running… health, change, diet, racing, etc – the list can go on forever. so i had to jump into the game! on their site i put in about three different ideas, then quickly deleted them, only to truly think to myself, ‘why Mel, WHY do you really run’
and then this scrolled across the screen
“I run because I can”
it stuck out to me like a sore thumb.
how often do we take for granted the things we are able to do so easily that other people cannot… it made me realize, i’ve got all of the reason i need right here ON me and IN me.
i run because i can… i’ll continue to run because they can’t