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color me pink

i have been
i’ll be the first to admit it… up until my rude awakening during today’s lunch break of watching an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, i hadn’t really put much thought into it. IT being PINK SLIME.

i know, i know, what have i been living under a rock?! its been all the rage in the news these days.

but today’s the day, i’m not turning back and i’m taking a stand. no more PINK SLIME will make it past my lips… and even though its rocky terrain trying to brainwash others ;0) i’ll do my best to keep my family and friends from ingesting this gnarly stuff as well.

SOOO – the who’s and what’s:

in a nutshell – it’s processed scraps of beef trimmings and fat (ie the parts of the cow that don’t make it to the shelves) which are then treated with ammonia (NO JOKE! – that’s how they pass it off as ‘killing the bad stuff’)

and chances are YOU have had it too – if you have feasted on a burger at a restaurant or fast food joint, a friend’s bbq, bought lean ground beef at a food store, and the saddest yet, public school lunches!
insert gag reflex

it’s mixed with ground beef to stretch it out, manufacturers can produce more product for less money, and sometimes it’s not even mixed with real ground beef, you’re just eating straight up, cooked PINK SLIME!

what can you do?
KNOW WHAT is in the food you eat
KNOW WHERE the food you eat comes from

as of May 2012, these stores and chains DO NOT SELL beef products with pink slime additives or filler:
Whole Foods Market
Kroger (which includes King Soopers and City Market stores)
Stop N Shop

if you are not at one of these places and unsure of what you may be about to purchase to make your tasty meat balls for dinner, ask the butcher! they can point out the products that do not include additives and fillers.

don’t get SLIMED, get educated!

suga suga help me catch that fly

if the tune of ‘Suga Suga’ by Baby Bash doesn’t stream through your head at the sight of this blog post title, hit up this link and you too will be in the know :0)

…moving on…

what else can you use sugar for, besides the obvious choices?

natural home and garden put together this list of ‘6 Uses for Sugar’ – and none of them include ‘add to coffee’ or ‘use in a recipe for baked goods’!

make a body scrub
sugar is a great alternative to the bits of plastic found in many exfoliants
go HERE for some recipes for body and facial scrubs

clean dirty hands
it’s a natural abrasive – add equal parts olive oil and sugar to your hands, give them a good rub and rinse the dirt, grease and oil away

make cut flowers last longer
sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar into a vase of water, add your cut flowers and they’ll be nourished for much longer than just using water alone

keep baked goods fresher, longer
place a lump of sugar into the bottom of the container you are storing biscuits, cake or other baked goods in. the sugar will absorb moisture, keeping your treats fresher for a longer amount of time

heal wounds
this one sounds kinda gross, but a study has shown that sprinkling sugar on bed sores, leg ulcers and amputations can help heal injuries by drawing water from the wound, prohibiting the growth of bacteria and preventing infection

trap pests (especially FLIES!)
wasps, fruit flies and other insects are attracted to the sweetness of the sugar, luring them in and trapping them in the sticky mess. a homemade fly trap can be made by boiling equal parts of sugar, honey and water, stir until it’s thickened, dip pieces of kraft or brown packaging paper in the mixture and hanging them to dry. go HERE for instructions on how to easily make a fruit fly trap

eco cars

thanks to higher gas prices, Toyota Prius sales were up 52% last month (source)

who else has noticed their gas bill budget climbing at a rapid rate recently? thankfully i do a lot more walking than driving, especially with mass transportation playing a large role in my daily commute… but what about those who have to drive hours to get back and forth to work every day?

will this rise plateau off and come back down as it has in the past, or is the rise here to stay?

do you see an energy-efficient car purchase in your near future?

orange you going to reuse that peel?

peruse the paper goods area of any major super store and i bet you can point out at least a couple of biodegradable utensils and dishes, created by companies who have recently been jumping on the ‘going GREEN’ bandwagon

i can almost guarentee you won’t see any of these there though – orange peels created into cheap and lightweight kitchen accessories, designed to biodegrade over time

Israeli designer Ori Sonnenschein is the mastermind behind it all – a recent graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – he calls it Solskin, in reference to his sunny, optimistic nature and the project itself

discarded orange peels are reused by drying and molding them into desired shapes, then a non-toxic shellac is applied to make it water repellant

his current collection includes cups, bowls, plates, spoons, salt/pepper shakers, and bottles. he’s on the look out for other ways to utilize the peels

check out his website for more info on the citrus peels and some of his other work
Solskin Design
spread the citrusy love!