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i made this origami BUNNYjust in time for the festivities – by slightly improvising the easy directions below:

moss graffiti

dress up a boring looking fence or wall in your yard (or neighborhood) with some easy greens


and the best part, it’s super simple to do too!



stumbled upon these the other day

they’re Earthshipsradically sustainable buildings made with recycled materials – pretty sweet huh?!

looking for something new, different and a way to WOW the neighbors?! these can be built in any part of the world, in any climate and still provide you with what you need to survive, with ‘modern’ amenities

Earthship Design Principles

Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
Earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate. The planet Earth is a thermally stabilizing mass that delivers temperature without wire or pipes. The sun is a nuclear power plant that also delivers without wires or pipes.

Solar & Wind Electricity
Earthships produce their own electricity with a prepackaged photovoltaic / wind power system. This energy is stored in batteries and supplied to your electrical outlets. Earthships can have multiple sources of power, all automated, including grid-intertie.

Contained Sewage Treatment
Earthships contain use and reuse all household sewage in indoor and outdoor treatment cells resulting in food production and landscaping with no pollution of aquifers. Toilets flush with greywater that does not smell.

Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
House as Assemblage of by-products: A sustainable home must make use of indigenous materials, those occurring naturally in the local area.

Water Harvesting
Earthships catch water from the sky (rain & snow melt) and use it four times. Water is heated from the sun, biodiesel and/or natural gas. Earthships can have city water as backup. Earthships do not pollute underground water aquifers.

Food Production
Earthship wetlands, the planters that hold hundreds of gallons of water from sinks and the shower are a great place for raising some of the fresh produce you’d like to have in the winter, but find expensive or bland tasting from the supermarket.

not sure if you’re ready to dive into the sustainable, off-grid living? try out one of their many rental options to choose from in Taos, New Mexico – make a vacation out of it!

naturally dyed eggs

skip the store bought egg dying kit this year and create some beautifully hued eggs with some of the most unsuspecting items you have inside and outside of your home

1) wash your hard boiled eggs in warm water and let cool
2) by using the ingredient for your color choice (coloring info below), there’s really no exact science to how much of each item to use – a couple of handfuls of the bigger ones, a tablespoon or two of the spices – but when the ingredient calls for ‘boiled’, it def has to be boiled so the color can be properly extracted
3) to ‘boil’ an ingredient, put it in a saucepan with enough water to cover it, let it come to a boil, then turn it down to a simmer for 30 minutes or until the color you’re looking for starts to form
4) pour the liquid through a fine strainer into a bowl, jar or mug that is deep enough to put your egg into. for ingredients that don’t need to be boiled to extract their color, add boiling water to your bowl/jar/mug then add enough of the ingredient until the color you want appears
5) very important step – add 1 tablespoon of vinegar for each cup of dye liquid, this helps the color stick to the eggshell
6) use a slotted spoon or tongs to put the eggs into the hot liquid and check on them until your desired color is achieved
7) let your works of art dry then place them in the fridge if you plan on eating them

how simple is that?!

you just need one of the items to make these colors, but more can be added for further fun-ness

a small amount of purple grape juice
violet flowers + 2 tsp. lemon juice
red zinger tea bags

violet flowers – no lemon juice
red onion skins – boiled
red wine
hibiscus tea
red cabbage plus 1/4 tsp alum – boiled

canned blueberries
a large amount of purple grape juice
red cabbage leaves – boiled

spinach leaves – boiled
fresh basil – boiled

yellow delicious apple peels – boiled
fresh parsley – boiled

chamomile tea
orange or lemon peels – boiled
celery seeds – boiled
ground cumin – boiled
ground turmeric – boiled
green tea
carrot tops – boiled
daffodil heads – boiled
dandelion heads – boiled

dill seeds

strong or instant coffee
black walnut shells – boiled
black tea

yellow onion skins – boiled
carrots – boiled
chili powder

red grape juice
fresh cranberries
cranberry juice
red cabbage – boiled
beet juice

lots of red onion skins – boiled
canned cherries with the juice
pomegranate juice


peering eyes

how cute is this idea?!
a dog bone shaped window for the fence!

i can’t figure out if installing something like this would cause Buddy and Lexi to bark more or less… is it not being able to see the evil intruders on the other side of the fence that sets them off, or would being able to see them coming just add to the madness?! i know Lexi’s answer – she just likes to listen to herself!

i’m voting on putting it to the test :0)

… now where’d my jig saw get to …

gardening without the garden

it’s so incredibly satisfying to grow your own food, but not everyone has the space to set up veggie beds this spring… so what does a garden lover tight on space do?! check out these crafty gardening projects that work in even the smallest of spaces – or may add an interesting touch or conversation piece to what you already have growing!

click on the pics for assembly info:

Mason Jar Wall Planter

requiring little more than some mason jars, an old piece of wood, and pipe clamps


Re-purposed Shoe Organizer Turned Vertical Garden


Vertical Pallet Garden


and who says good things don’t come in small vertical packages?!

clever ideas to make like easier – part 2

use leftover toilet paper rolls to store wrapping paper

use a bread tie to keep sandals from breaking

use a dustpan to fill buckets or pots that won't fit under the sink

use sticky notes to catch debris while drilling

use regular kitchen rags instead of the expensive Swiffer towels

use a can opener to safely open plastic packages

use a wooden spoon to prevent water from over-boiling

check out some more ideas HERE