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one man’s junk is another man’s treasure

i think i acquired this bathroom organizer rack from someone, somewhere along the lines. it’s been sitting in my utility room collecting dust, amongst other items, for far too long

then the little tot – 1.5 years old now! – decided that climbing up the dog food stations to get a better vantage point on the window sill to play in mom’s flower pots was a really cool idea. instead of telling a toddler numerous times to leave the plants alone, sometimes removing the vice from the situation is a far easier battle to wage

enter some steel wool, a damp cloth and a can of spray paint. a couple of hours later, i had myself a freshly painted shelf that fit almost perfectly over my ginormous lily plant

upcycled toilet rack

i know, the lily needs some trimming. but it’s pretty cool, huh?!

anti-traditional pumpkin carvings

i haven’t carved a pumpkin for halloween yet this year. hellz, i haven’t even bought them yet! i know, i know… at least i got the mums on the porch steps and the rest of the spooky decorations in the yard up

while looking for some inspiration to do something a little different than the traditional jack-o-lantern this year, i came across these pics – too priceless to not pass on!

happy carving


made ya look

looks can surely be deceiving

here you are thinking, why is Mel showing us some random succulent plants on silver trays?


they’re really CUPCAKES!

i take no credit at all for these – check out more pictures, details and the recipe HERE

suga suga help me catch that fly

if the tune of ‘Suga Suga’ by Baby Bash doesn’t stream through your head at the sight of this blog post title, hit up this link and you too will be in the know :0)

…moving on…

what else can you use sugar for, besides the obvious choices?

natural home and garden put together this list of ‘6 Uses for Sugar’ – and none of them include ‘add to coffee’ or ‘use in a recipe for baked goods’!

make a body scrub
sugar is a great alternative to the bits of plastic found in many exfoliants
go HERE for some recipes for body and facial scrubs

clean dirty hands
it’s a natural abrasive – add equal parts olive oil and sugar to your hands, give them a good rub and rinse the dirt, grease and oil away

make cut flowers last longer
sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar into a vase of water, add your cut flowers and they’ll be nourished for much longer than just using water alone

keep baked goods fresher, longer
place a lump of sugar into the bottom of the container you are storing biscuits, cake or other baked goods in. the sugar will absorb moisture, keeping your treats fresher for a longer amount of time

heal wounds
this one sounds kinda gross, but a study has shown that sprinkling sugar on bed sores, leg ulcers and amputations can help heal injuries by drawing water from the wound, prohibiting the growth of bacteria and preventing infection

trap pests (especially FLIES!)
wasps, fruit flies and other insects are attracted to the sweetness of the sugar, luring them in and trapping them in the sticky mess. a homemade fly trap can be made by boiling equal parts of sugar, honey and water, stir until it’s thickened, dip pieces of kraft or brown packaging paper in the mixture and hanging them to dry. go HERE for instructions on how to easily make a fruit fly trap

mini carrot cake

have you ever thought to use your panini press to bake? i def have not – until NOW!

this remarkably crafty woman over at the blog Panini Happy does just this, and much, much more on her panini press

i came across her recipe for Mini Carrot Cake and am starting to look at my panini press in a whole new light!

perfect for two:

get the recipe and directions HERE!

gone are the days of pulling out the old uni-tasker out for just ooey-gooey-toasted-sandwiches – game on panini press, GAME ON!

hidden messages

this will make you look twice at these logos again:

are there any other secret logos you know about?!

tackle box planter

one man’s junk is another man’s treasure

check out what i made this weekend with a little inspiration from THIS SITE and an old tackle box

this took less than an hour to put together, including shopping for the perfect plants to fill it up

i started with this

after assessing the project, i started out with laying out how and where i wanted the plants to go. succulents on the two trays since it was pretty shallow and any other plant would probably dry up pretty quickly – succulents on the other hand thrive on that sort of environment. the lower level is strawberries that produce fruit from June until the first frost. by bringing this inside during the winter, it will ensure the berries will be back again next year!

next i drilled holes for drainage and use tin snips to cut down the tray dividers as much as i could – giving me a little bit more playing space for plant placement

then i added about 1/2″ to an 1″ of small gravel for more drainage under the soil

and the last step was filling the trays with soil and placing the plants. i used a cactus/succulent mix on the two top trays (for obvious reasons) and a regular potting mix on the bottom one. some decorative rocks for a little but of fun and there you have it

what was old, now is new