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she came…

WOW… I’m a little bit back to reality today. I was able to catch a bus into the city to flee the no heat, no power, no cell service on the home front for a solid 8 hours today.

walking to the bus stop with a flashlight in the pitch dark + standing in the cold for 20 minutes with a wet head of hair = priceless, to feel the warmth of the bus once it finally came!

my heart goes out to the members in my community who lost so much in the wrath of Sandy’s path. they say “the Jersey Shore will never be the same”, but we true JS folk know what’s up. we come together and rebuild in ways that other parts of the country could never think as possible. it may take some time, but it’ll all be back, better than ever too.

if you are anywhere near the north jersey shore area and have clothes or supplies (or gift cards) to donate to families who have lost everything they had, inbox me on facebook, send me an email, or comment here. i know of many MANY families who evacuated their houses with a small bag of their belongings and now don’t have a home to go back to.

Stay strong New Jersey Shore and the other communities hit by Sandy!
We survived, we’ll rebuild and we’ll be telling stories about this storm for the rest of our lives.