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PA camp trip with the pooches

we loaded up the pop-up camper and hit the road for a two hour trek inland – destination Otter Lake, PA

being this was Buddy and Lexi’s first time camping, i planned a mid-week trip, versus one on the weekend, when the camp site would have more visitors. so wednesday to friday it was, just enough to get away from civilization for a bit

Bud was super anxious for the first and last quarter of the ride. he’s got this idea that anything after 20 minutes of being in the car that we should have already been somewhere … little did he know what he was in for! Lex got her sniff on almost the entire ride, being a hunting dog i can only imagine the new smells she was salivating over

we got to camp just before the sun set, strung the pooches up on their 25 foot leads and got to setting up camp. we cracked up many times on the trip catching the dogs in their element, taking in all of the new sights and smells – and bugs and lizards and frogs. little miss took care of eating most of the bugs before they got to us!

it didn’t take long before the fire was blazing and we were all sitting around enjoying the relaxing-ness that comes with camping – with a stream that ran right along the site, it was a very nice set up they offer (def will be planning a return trip)

5am the next morning came WAY too soon, “do you guys HEAR all of these birds?!” (Lexi) – she spent most of her time at the site with her eyes in the sky. if that girl isn’t a bird dog, i don’t know what she is!

we took a short ride back to the NJ side of the Delaware Water Gap to Worthington State Forest for a nice hike that touched on the Appalachian Trail and a picnic at Sunfish Pond – the dogs did GREAT especially after learning how to properly “heel” in their 8-week training session they just went through

JC got his fish on once we got to the top – a sunny snagged on the first cast!

Lexi intently watching her pops fish

Buddy strutting his stuff

we headed back to camp after a great afternoon spent in the woods and some more fishing down by the river. dinner and relaxing around the fire, then the RAIN came around 11:30pm… luckily we had the pop-up and got a card game of WAR going at the table while we listened to the rain coming down around us

i don’t know if it was from being worn out from the hike or her settling into her elements, but Lexi didn’t have us up the next morning quite as early – thank goodness!! we took our time packing up camp and hit the road home with a stop off at Hog Dog Johnny’s… the pooches didn’t wake up the entire ride and slept ALL weekend long as well… gotta love it!

(some more pics HERE)


… friday funnies …

these clowns kept us quite entertained on our camping trip. I’ll write more about our adventure next week, but here’s a little sneak peak:

Lexi domineering her ‘territory’


my view almost the entire ride there


Buddy giving me his ‘please save me from this crazy beast’ face




frozen strawbs

i never thought the day would come that i would be wondering what to do with all of the strawberries i have growing amongst the flowers in the bed out front! what started as an experiment with three tiny plants when we first moved in has turned into an almost 8′ by 8′ spread of plants that keep expanding their presence every year – gotta love those strawberry runners, huh?!

 fighting off the birds hasn’t been too big of a problem this year – knock on wood – so i have been picking about this much every couple of days

and since we can’t consume them at the rate they are ripening, i devised a way to savor the ruby goodness for months to come

give them a rinse, cut off the stem, slice into quarters and toss them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet in the freezer overnight

in the morning, slide them into a freezer bag and viola! instant preservation

they can be thawed out in the fridge, put in yogurt so they thaw out on the way to work and keep the yogurt cooled, pop them in the blender to make a smoothie – so many possibilities!

~ * ~ * ~

Buddy and Lexi are about to embark on their FIRST camping adventure – more pictures to come!