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this weekend i hit up, for the first time ever, the Deep Cut Orchid Society’s annual show

i’m not gonna lie, i really thought we’d go there and see tons of the regular looking orchids you see around

WOW – was i in for a rude awakening!

my jaw was on the ground, there were SO MANY different types filling the greenhouse with their beautiful colors, textures, shapes, and smells

this totally hits the ‘ya learn something new every day’ nail on the head


did you get out on Saturday to RUN FOR SHERRY?!

six of us pinned on our bibs and hit the scenic trails in honor of Sherry and all of the other bikers, runners, walkers, hikers who never made it home to their families. it was such an unexplainable feeling knowing there were people all over the world doing exactly the same… what a beautiful thing :0)

photorealistic art

photorealism = the genre of painting based on using the camera and photographs to gather information and then from this information creating a painting that appears photographic

check out some of these artists showcased below – it’s hard to believe these are actually paintings and not photographs!

Eric Christensen

Steve Mills

Roberto Bernardi


gotta love the trickery of these pictures – at first glance, it looks so incredibly far away from what is actually going on


…have a GREAT Day!


blast from the past – OLD ADs

i bet you’ll NEVER see these advertisements printed again!

book carving art

i am always on the lookout for new and interesting interpretations
so here’s another one to share –>

check out Brian Dettmer’s works or art, created by carving and manipulating BOOKS!

see more of his creations on his site HERE

crazy pencil art

who knew colored pencils had so many other uses?!

a couple of weeks ago i highlighted Colored Pencil Jewelry

and TODAY = more art created with pieces of colored pencils, glue, and a LOT of imagination and patience

what’dya think of that?!

holiday cupcakes

keeping up the holiday spirit i got started yesterday – check out these cupcakes, almost too cute to eat… almost

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