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shreddin’ paper

check out this awesomeness by Canadian paper artist Calvin Nicholls 

his paper art is created by using a piece of paper and scissors. he carves, rips, and cuts paper into these beautiful works of art.

hidden messages

this will make you look twice at these logos again:

are there any other secret logos you know about?!


i made this origami BUNNYjust in time for the festivities – by slightly improvising the easy directions below:

moss graffiti

dress up a boring looking fence or wall in your yard (or neighborhood) with some easy greens


and the best part, it’s super simple to do too!


its a bird, its a plane, its …

take a wild guess what these are pictures of

i bet the backside of a frying pan never came to mind!

underwater ball catching

friday’s funnies brought to you by photographer Seth Casteel

he’s donated hundreds of hours of his time and over $20,000 to help save the lives of countless animals

here’s a lil sneak at his ‘underwater ball catching’ collection… makes me start day dreaming about the summertime :0)

check out his full gallery at


cats as fonts

i’ll admit, i’m an animal person, not really a cat person though

but when i saw this post go up over at The Meta Picture, i couldn’t resist passing this one on!

putting faces with a font is so crafty

check out the rest of the gallery HERE