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Garden in Review: What do May flowers bring? Pilgrims.

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR i am very excited to introduce you to Hungry For Living’s newest member!! ~*Farmer-T*~ i have mentioned him in numerous posts in the past, but starting today he is going to be making his very own contributions to the BLOG to get started, he’s updating us on HIS garden… hopefully […]

fun with words

straight from the birthday girl to my inbox – a little FUN with WORDS (thanks D and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) The  Philosophy of  Ambiguity FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE PHILOSOPHY OF AMBIGUITY, AS WELL AS THE  IDIOSYNCRASIES OF ENGLISH: Please enjoy and understand the following DON’T SWEAT THE PETTY THINGS AND DON’T PET THE SWEATY THINGS. ONE […]

photorealistic art

photorealism = the genre of painting based on using the camera and photographs to gather information and then from this information creating a painting that appears photographic check out some of these artists showcased below – it’s hard to believe these are actually paintings and not photographs! Eric Christensen Steve Mills Roberto Bernardi

rules to run by

i’ve tapped into various sports in my lifetime and find running to be the simplest although gadgets and goods can be a lot of fun to mess around with, you really don’t need much in this sport: some sneaks, some drive, out the door you go! so when i received this article from Runner’s World […]

dawg days of summer

you may have noticed that i have a slight tendency to fling around terms, make up my own words, etc :0) so, when i was reading this article today on the farmer’s almanac site, naturally, a smile quickly came over my face i’ve used the term ‘dawg days of summer’ for, it seems, EVER… but […]


Farmer-T has yet to post any of the latest concoctions from his kitchen (feel free to harass him as needed), so for now these are the recipes Mel has talked about in her posts. due to food allergies she deals with (and MANY others in the world), here’s her collection of allergy-free recipes that are just as […]


“i’m hungry for life and hungry for living” and a LOT of wondering goes on in between, which leads to much researching and perusing various places for information. what better way to spread the good word on the street to everyone else than right here on the world wide web?!   Mel shares bits of goodness related to healthy and […]

>gotcha green thumb?!

> okay, i have to start off with a gross admission, the idea for this post came from seeing a big ol’ blister on my brothers thumb saturday night, he was working out in his garden all day and i guess when you work at a computer all day the sandpaper-hands effect that JC has just isn’t […]