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Better and Cheaper Potting Soil

I’ve always found any potting soil bought at the store seemed to be a rip off. Well, it is. With a little bit of work, you can have a better mixture at half the cost. This recipe will yield you about 8 cubic feet of potting soil for $30. The same quantity of Miracle-Gro potting […]

how’s it growin?

one of my favorite things about this blog is that i can use it as a reference tool… looking back at how things were growing along at this point last year and being able to see what changes i could make or keep the same because they worked. so, in sticking to the garden updates […]

ridding the garden of pests – one flower at a time

because the seed catalogs trickling into the house these days has been getting me oober excited about this years vegetable garden, let’s talk shop for a hot second while this post is fresh in my mind Farmer T and i are constantly emailing tips and tricks back and forth – gardening is def one of […]

flashback friday

we’re taking a roadtrip up state for a friend’s wedding… in the meantime, how about takin’ things back a coupla’ decades?! ~*HAPPY FRIDAY*~

living mulch

living mulch aka green manure aka what the heck are you talking about MEL?! yeah, i was just as amazed this past weekend when i heard about this concept by, none other than, Farmer T… yes, as you can tell, we discuss farming and gardening topics quite often using {specifically white dutch} clover as a […]

its herb dryin time

man, i wish that went along better to the tune of Peanut Butter Jelly Time… anyways – that time of the year has come when the first frost is just around the corner and you realize you have this BASIL beast growing away in your herb garden what do i do with it all? wellz […]


last friday when i mentioned how i’d be experimenting in sauce and salsa jarring this past weekend… wowz, can i look back now and admit how naive i was or what!! the bona fide researcher in me thought it could be as simple as following the directions on the back of the Ball mason jar […]

sacrificial planting

the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away ~the Book of Jobs this blogpost title sounds so, errr… dismal – perhaps? but i promise you, it’s not going to be at all! have you ever heard of sacrifical planting? i experimented this year with the whole idea, after hearing some horror stories from Farmer T […]

organic gardening

we hear this term – ORGANIC GARDENING – so loosely flung around these days… i’m sure everyone has their idea of what its all about… but today i decided to digg a little deeper and find out what it really is all about and how to properly execute it simply broken down = not using […]

The Baked Ham

I heard this story over the weekend while talking to a soil scientist who worked for the USDA. He would tell the story to farmers who till their soil. But, the moral of the story is applicable to lots of things in life. A father was in the kitchen preparing the traditional family recipe for […]