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crimson and clover

nothing quite says, ‘you should just stay in bed this morning’, when your alarm clock goes off while its still dark out and you can hear the pitter-pattering of rain pouring down outside do i really have to walk to the bus stop today? was the first thought that crossed my mind… there’s something none-too-settling […]

how’s it growin?

i was going to put an “as of week #” in the post title… do i start with when the seedlings got started in the greenhouse or the actual date i put plants in the ground? im erring on the side of vagueness and keeping the weekly updates to a “how’s it growin” theme instead […]

how’s it growin?

one of my favorite things about this blog is that i can use it as a reference tool… looking back at how things were growing along at this point last year and being able to see what changes i could make or keep the same because they worked. so, in sticking to the garden updates […]

the giraffe test

your weekly special: FRIDAY funnies The Giraffe Test there are 4 questions – don’t miss one! 1) How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? stop and think about it and decide on your answer BEFORE you look at the answer ~the correct answer~ open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the […]

pickle me green

what do you do with 8 pounds of green tomatoes? why, pickle ’em, of course! the tomato plants in the veggie garden have been looking rather sad these past couple of weeks, i think its the colder weather at night, or the sun not performing to its fullest during the day… whatever it is, i […]