happy RUNning day!

yuup – it’s that time of the year again
National Running Day!

i did it last year and i’m doing it again – celebrate the day by hitting the trails, streets, boardwalk, treadmill – solo, with your favorite running buddy or your furry friend

claim your badge over at RUNNINGDAY.org, as today is the day that we can all celebrate together, every runner can share their passion for their lifestyle

i’m sticking to my motto from last year:

every time i lace up my sneaks i think to myself how thankful i am to have two legs and a healthy heart… just last week i raced in the Wall Street Heart Run raising money for the American Heart Association. 12,000 people participated – HOLY MOLY! right?! it was an amazing experience to be traversing the streets of NYC in a different light knowing it was all in the name of a good cause.

i run because i can.
i’ll continue to run because it keeps my heart healthy, keeps my mind cleared, and puts a smile on my face 🙂



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