microwaved chips

homemade, crispy, fat-free chips made in your microwave in 3-5 minutes… is anyone else skeptical about this gadget?

i’m normally one to jump on board the gizmo-wagon, but i don’t know about this one. have any readers tried one of these things?!

granted – the ease of it does sound enticing. for under $20 you get a mandolin to slice root veggies or fruit and the tray cooker for your microwave. slice, pat dry, nuke for 3-5 minutes and out come your tasty chips

check out more details on the actual product HERE

if you’re not feeling the microwave-ness of it all, HERE‘s a post from a couple of months ago with a recipe on HOMEMADE VEGGIE CHIPS

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2012/04/05 at 14:06

    Borrow mine and you’ll love it!



  2. That’s so impressive!



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