how’s it growin?

one of my favorite things about this blog is that i can use it as a reference tool… looking back at how things were growing along at this point last year and being able to see what changes i could make or keep the same because they worked. so, in sticking to the garden updates i started last year, here’s a lil peak on my progress so far:


pepper plants getting big and strong in the greenhouse


lettuce blend started out in the greenhouse


romaine and butterhead lettuce in the greenhouse


morning glory - a little gardening/science experiment with my 10 year old farming buddy!


under the grow lights - peppers and tomatoes


the crimson clover 'living mulch' in the raised beds and along the fence, plus the greenhouse operation - its so much more convenient having it right off of the garage this year, where all of my gardening supplies are usually stashed!

i was going to trim down the crimson clover weeks ago to turn it over into the beds… but a little bee – ahem Farmer T – advised me otherwise from his research of Fukuoka. so, the way it’s hopefully going down this year, i’ll make a little clearing in the clover to place the seedlings and seeds, and leave it growing as it is (a little may have to be trimmed depending on how much sunlight is getting to the plants) to stay true to the ‘living mulch’ concept. the clover will keep the soil weed free and it won’t dry out as quickly!

what do you have cookin’ in your garden this year?!


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