operation: garden prep

last year’s first year experience of having a veggie garden taught me a lot of things. in particular, certain kinds of veggies just don’t like to be started indoors – be patient grasshoppa!

considering last year’s operation looked something like this:

while this year’s is something like this:

note: the glaring light to the right is from the AeroGarden which has 7 different kinds of herbs growing right now - to be transplanted outside on April 26th

uhh, yeah, you could def say i learned a WHOLE lot!

a lot of the seeds i started indoors under the grow lights last year had a rough time making all of the transitions – little peat pot to big peat pot to greenhouse to ground… sadly, lots were lost along the way 😦 … but i did account for that, so it all kinda worked out in the end – space-wise in the garden

this year i have grape and plum tomatoes and bell peppers started in the pots above, big enough so i don’t have to transplant them to a larger sized pot! this weekend the bell pepper plants will move to the greenhouse (as long as these temps stay like they are) until they can go in the ground and once the tomatoes get a little bigger, they’ll join the party in there

… side note: the plum tomato variety i am growing are the ones used to make Heinz ketchup = SCORE! …

lettuceromaine, butterhead and a patio blend – are getting started right in pots in the greenhouse this weekend too. another round will get started the same way in 3 weeks, then 3 weeks after that a round will get started in the garden beds outside. i my greens 🙂 depending on temperatures and how things are growing in the lechuga dept, i’ll probably keep a 3 week planting cycle going on for as long as i can then get it started back up towards the end of the summer when it’s not as toasty out there

as for the rest of the garden, here’s how its going down–>

sow in the ground soon:
carrots and green onions (hubster’s request – really?!)

after danger of frost:
bush beans, cucumbers and watermelon (another of his requests – does he know how long these vines spread = lawn encroaching!)

start in greenhouse soon:
summer and winter squash

what are YOU growing this year?!

PS – I got a “and no jig saws” last night… must remember to plot secretly, he actually reads this thing! :0)

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by J on 2012/03/14 at 14:41

    Yes I actually do read it! 😉


  2. Posted by Susan on 2012/03/14 at 15:43

    I found the same problems with beets and a few other veggies – too many transitions wore them out.



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