what e-books wont tell you

i may be a little biased in the e-book department – for obvious reasons to those who personally know me – but this article i read over at Smart Money brought to light some interesting concepts:

#1. “We’re not one-reader-fits-all.”
#2. “Sometimes you’re buying spam.”
#3. “Good luck grabbing our sales and freebies.”
#4. “Our prices are under investigation.”
#5. “Better watch your data bill.”
#6. “Borrowing isn’t as easy as we make it out to be.”
#7. “We don’t have much marketing clout.”
#8. “…But our presence is still killing bookstores.”
#9. “The extras will cost you.”
#10. “E-books are the new latte.”

are they really all they’re cracked up to be?
which do you prefer and why?

i will confess, i have purchased a few e-books on the Kindle app on my iPhone. they were only offered in hardcover at the time of purchase and lugging a HC book on a daily commute puts quite a strain on my already over-filled ‘survival pack’… could i have just waited for them to come to soft cover? of course! but they were sequels or parts of series i was already hooked on at the time and just couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

being the good ol’ fashioned book lover that i am, i’ll admit that i found it kind of weird to not be able to dog ear pages to hold my mark, feel the paper on my fingertips and smell the book… yes, i smell my books :0)

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2012/03/07 at 13:13

    Well, I am an avid “reader” (aka, listener) of books on CD during my commute throughout the work week. However, I love to hold a real book. That truly is my preference, but holding a book on my car steering wheel might not fly to well in the eyes of Mr. NJ State Trooper, nor the cars around me (although, yes, I have witnessed it being done).

    I understand that reading isn’t being outlawed, but the e-books kind of remind me of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”. So what’s wrong with paper? It doesn’t need batteries or a charger and you can stil see the words in strong sunlight.

    So, I hold firm on the real deal – it’s part of that total relaxation, get lost in the words equation. And I also like big, heavy books… I’m currently reading Condoleezza Rice’s, “No Higher Honor” – it’s big,heavy and a great read.



    • Posted by Mel on 2012/03/07 at 15:14

      Fahrenheit 451 always comes to mind when I hear people talk about how paper books will soon be non-existent… what will there be a massive burning or something?! there’s nothing quite like the real deal to me too!



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