five angels running free

this news hit a soft spot for me…

Ranae and Jr. Biggs went to the store to get dog food last week. In the short time they were gone an electrical fire started in their bedroom. They came home to hear the fire alarm ringing and in a panic to save their five rescued pit bulls who were inside. These loved ambassadors in their community were not just pets to the Biggs, but their kids and their family, as they were unable to have children of their own.

All of the dogs were pulled out of the house, but after the fire department tried doing CPR it was soon realized they were all gone due to smoke inhalation. Not only did Renae and Jr lose their five kids and their home, but precious family heirlooms and cash and money orders that were being saved for surgeries planned this week.

A Facebook and ChipIn page has been put together with updates and donation possibilities.
Even a little prayer can do some miraculous wonders.

The family is also selling Pet Safety Alert Pet Alert Window Decals (2 Pack for $5.00 each) to help raise funds. The decals were donated so all money collected will go the family. Email to order.

Pets kept safely in their crates or gated off in a room don’t have the ability to run out of the house when the fire alarm starts going off, give the fire fighters a chance to save their lives by letting them know they are inside.

And keep this around for the just in case moments:

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nance on 2012/02/22 at 13:41

    Thanks for this post. I was crying. But I have been thinking of that sticker for some time now. Going to order some right now. Man what a sad story.



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