in honor of Sherry – this Saturday

last week i posted about the ‘Virtual Run’ i will be participating in on THIS Saturday in honor of Sherry

if you live in the Jersey Shore area and want to join the (so far) small group that i have been getting together to run, walk, bike, skip, or jump our way along some beautiful scenic trails, email me at Hungry4Living at gmail dot com for more details!

not in the JS area but want to join in on honoring Sherry?!

no matter what part of the world you are in
runners, walkers, bikers, hoppers, skippers and jumpers are all welcome!
pin on a race bib (found here), snap a pic, hit the streets, trails, beach… wherever – for as long or as short as you want

send your picture to me – or send them straight to SUAR

**why are we joining people all over the world to honor Sherry in this Virtual Run**
on January 7th, 2012, Sherry left her house early in the morning for one of her usual runs. after she did not return home within a reasonable amount of time, her husband alerted the authorities. one of her running shoes was found by the side of the road just ONE MILE from her house. her body has still not been found but two men have admitted to kidnapping and killing her…. i get goosebumps just writing about this.

here’s to ALL of the runners/walkers/bikers out there who never made it safely home

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2012/02/08 at 13:12

    I’m joining the group on Saturday – most likely biking it.


  2. […] did you get out on Saturday to RUN FOR SHERRY?! […]



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