orange you going to reuse that peel?

peruse the paper goods area of any major super store and i bet you can point out at least a couple of biodegradable utensils and dishes, created by companies who have recently been jumping on the ‘going GREEN’ bandwagon

i can almost guarentee you won’t see any of these there though – orange peels created into cheap and lightweight kitchen accessories, designed to biodegrade over time

Israeli designer Ori Sonnenschein is the mastermind behind it all – a recent graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – he calls it Solskin, in reference to his sunny, optimistic nature and the project itself

discarded orange peels are reused by drying and molding them into desired shapes, then a non-toxic shellac is applied to make it water repellant

his current collection includes cups, bowls, plates, spoons, salt/pepper shakers, and bottles. he’s on the look out for other ways to utilize the peels

check out his website for more info on the citrus peels and some of his other work
Solskin Design
spread the citrusy love!


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