natural stress remedies

stressed? or just looking for another way to unwind?

try out some of these simple, natural ways to relax your body and mind:

physically active people feel less anxious and depressed
supposedly aerobic exercise increases norepinephrine levels, a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress more efficiently

listen to music
particularly classical music or relaxation CDs

herbal remedies
amongst other herbs out there, elethero (aka Siberian ginseng) has been shown to normalize blood pressure and blood sugar levels and stop stress from draining your adrenal gland’s supply of vitamin C

using your own thought processes to gain better control over involuntary bodily functions – like heartbeat, breathing rate, and brain function
can be especially helpful for insomnia and high blood pressure

relaxation tools
meditation apps, chinese stress balls, head massager

chakra balancing
by simply placing seven stones on the main energy centers of your body, relaxation is encouraged

unplug at the start and end of the day
keep your computer and TV off in the morning and at night, grab a book or simply do nothing instead
overstimulation causes stress

do something FUN
create artwork, crafts, join a bowling league – find something you love to do and engage in it

a DIY massage
treat yourself to your very own facial massage – loosen the muscles that are habitually scrunched up by stress

see which one (or two) work for you
these are just some of the remedies mentioned in this article – go check out the rest and more details on the ones mentioned above


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