challenge accepted

you ask, i answer

yesterday’s post on ridding the garden of pests by using nasturtium sparked a comment from a reader:

“… I need help on what to plant in my back yard in between the rocks that hold the hill up. Gets a lot of sun and since we are high desert very dry. I want a plant that has some color but not totally clinging to the rocks. Do you accept this challenge? …”

why, yes i do!

now, i happen to know this reader personally, so i was able to figure out that their town lies in zone 6b for gardening – makes the challenge a wee-bit easier, being im in the same zone  😉

i had initially suggested sedum/succulents… i have them in the rock garden i have been building over the years that resides under an overhang of our house, getting little to no water and is in the full sun most of the day, we may not be in the ‘desert’ but it seems pretty desert-y under there. the colors, shapes and size varieties that are available are great!

so, im sticking to my first response – check out some of these options below:

Sedum ‘Variegatum’ Stonecrop
zone 3-9
height 4-5″
full sun
low-growing, pale green succulent leaves tinged with white and pink
orange-yellow flowers in June to July

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ Stonecrop
zone 3-9
height 18-24″
full sun
gray-green leaves with rose-colored flowers in August that fade to brick red in October
needs to be planted in full sun in well-drained soil, it will tolerate most soil types and is drought resistant

Sedum ‘Cauticola’ Stonecrop
zone 4-9
height 3-5″
full sun
great groundcover
purple-edged blue-gray-green foliage, flowers are pink in late summer and age to reddish-pink
a spreader
well suited for hot, dry, sunny areas and works well in many different soil types

Sedum ‘Matrona’ Stonecrop
zone 3-9
height 18-24″
full sun
shiny-red stems that are lined with blue-green leaves
broad flower heads of maroon to pale pink appear in late summer, become chestnut-brown in winter
prefers dry soil, drought resistant
a great butterfly and bee attractor

Sedum ‘Vera Jameson’ Stonecrop
zone 3-9
height 9-12″
full sun
deep purple leaves and dusty pink flowers appearing in late summer and last in fall
a wonderful ground cover
new growth shows blue-green leaves that turn into deep mahogany red in the fall
tolerates most soil types and is drought resistant
excellent as cut flowers – another great butterfly and bee attractor

there are so many more out options available, but that’s just a handful to get started with

and yes, little missy, i expect some pictures once all of these – and then some – are planted!!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on 2012/01/11 at 15:36

    Great suggestions for this location!



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