ridding the garden of pests – one flower at a time

because the seed catalogs trickling into the house these days has been getting me oober excited about this years vegetable garden, let’s talk shop for a hot second while this post is fresh in my mind

Farmer T and i are constantly emailing tips and tricks back and forth – gardening is def one of the main subjects – and he passed on this bit of goodness the other day that reminded me of my ‘Sacrificial Planting‘ post from this past summer

why you should grow nasturtiums in your garden this year:

1) they are well known for attracting aphid infestations
2) cabbage white butterflies like their large leaves
3) slugs go to nasturtiums like a moth to a light bulb
4) they protect your vegetables from predatory pests
5) nasturtium leaves, flowers and seeds are edible

plant them in the same hill as your squash plants, they’ll keep those pesky vine borers away from your main crop, AND they add a beautiful pop of color – who says only veggies are allowed in the vegetable garden :0)

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nance on 2012/01/10 at 17:26

    Ok Farmer T and Farmer M. Since you have the resources. I need help on what to plant in my back yard in between the rocks that hold the hill up. Gets a lot of sun and since we are high dessert very dry. I want a plant that has some color bur not totally clinging to the rocks. Do you accept this challenge? LOL


    • Posted by Mel on 2012/01/10 at 20:19

      what about things like succulents and sedum? they have color, do well with the dryness/sun and they come as crawlers, short, tall, etc.


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