shots, shots, shots

what does one do with about 75 royal caribbean shot glasses?
dear watson, they throw a ‘shots on the hour’ party for new years!

and so it went…

8PM – Round ONE:
being a long night of drinking was ahead of us all, i figured i’d get things started on a lighter note – shrimp cocktail it was

9PM – Round TWO:
red, white and blue’s – very patriotic, i know :0)

1/3 grenadine
1/3 coconut rum
1/3 blue curacao

10PM – Round THREE:
this was supposed to be the ‘orange drop’ hour, but when the taste tester almost keeled over from the pure vodka shot, some finagling was needed stat – i’m calling this one ‘chocolate covered orange liquor candies’, because it’s exactly (in Mel-terms) what it tasted like

dip shot glass lip in orange juice, dip in sugar then add
1/3 creme de cacao
1/3 orange juice
1/3 vodka

11PM – Round FOUR:
what’s a shots party without jello shots, right?!

3 oz gelatin mix (i used raspberry)
6 oz boiling water
6 oz liquor (i used vodka)
i put the mixture into mini muffin/cupcake cups and the remainder in an ice cube tray to set
*people like options, jigglers or the ‘clean’ version*

12AM – Round FIVE:
this derived from something called an ‘after hours’, but i’m going with ‘peppermint patty’

1/2 Godiva chocolate liquor
1/2 peppermint schnapps

everyone gathered around the TV to watch the ball drop in Times Square, shot glasses were raised for a toast, pots and pans were clanged, fireworks were set off… good times had by all

ringing in the new year in style :0)



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