the TOPs of 2011: random ridiculousness

finishing off the week with what i got started on tuesday, the last of the ‘top 10 of 2011’ lists

digging into the ‘random ridiculousness’ grouping –>

10. mass animal deaths: birds, fish, cows
9. Yvonne, the world’s most famous dairy cow
8. foot-and-mouth outbreak hits south Korea
7. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen take on alligators – and win
6. reptile jailbreak: the Egyptian cobra that fled the Bronx zoo
5. man’s best friend – to the end
4. Afghanistan and Libya zoos survive war
3. animal terror in Ohio
2. Knut the polar bear drowns
1. the dog that faced bin Laden

10. Facebook birthday party invite results in 1.500 guests
9. Don Gorske (Super Size Me) eats 25,000th Big Mac
8. city collects $4,000 in fines by enforcing ban on sagging pants
7. occupy Denver elects dog as leader
6. Ron Artest changes name to ‘Metta World Peace’
5. mom tries to sell kids on eBay
4. a fake Facebook tattoo fools the media
3. Ophiucus redefines the Zodiac
2. Lego Man emerges from ocean
1. Harold Camping predicts the End of the World – Twice

10. false confessions may lead to more errors in evidence, study shows
9. big, tall, little, and tiny: words that promote important spatial skills
8. norwegian study finds opening bars longer increases violence
7. crash experts find car seats protect overweight kids too
6. freeway air bad for mouse brain
5. traumatic brain injury frequently leads to headache
4. under money strains, some adults may turn to alcohol
3. relaxing can make you fatter
2. surgeons perform better with eye movement training
1. abstinence-only education does not lead to abstinent behavior


Here’s to a HAPPY and HEALTHY new year!


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