leg’a lamb

i may be disowned by my grandmother for tooting my horn about what came out of my kitchen last night (she’s the local expert in all lamb – and many other food – related matters), but seriously, when the lamb meat melted in my mouth like butter, words couldn’t and still can’t be put together to describe the awesomeness of how this new cooking method i experimented with ended up turning out… so Gram, you up for a THROWDOWN or what?!

in our fam, roast leg of lamb is usually reserved for special occasions, primarily dePa’s bday… so when i gave him a coupon for his bday a couple of months ago to ‘dinner in Mel’s Kitchen’, i knew i’d have to do some digging around to get this lamb thing just right. he’d already had my shanks, so i knew it was time to step up my game and take on the leg… im very happy i decided to dive into this one, it was SO easy to pull together and tasted incredible!

i found a recipe posted over at Simply Recipes – i followed it to a ‘T’, except we had a 3lb leg, versus her 6 pounder, but internal temp is internal temp no matter what size you’re cooking… the ‘new method’ created a natural convection oven way of roasting the meat, versus putting it right into a roasting pan


Ingredients for the marinade:
1/2 c. orange juice
1 c. white wine
3 cloves garlic, minced (I used shallots instead)
2 t. fresh thyme or 1 t. dried thyme
2 T. fresh chopped rosemary or 1 T. dried rosemary
1/4 t. fresh ground pepper
2 T. olive oil

Directions for the marinade:
Blend all of these in a blender or food processor until well mixed.

Ingredients for lamb:
3-6 pound leg of lamb, bone-in or boneless (tied)
marinade (recipe above)
salt and pepper

Directions for lamb:
Place the lamb and marinade in a plastic bag, marinade for several hours (overnight is much better) in the refrigerator.
Remove the lamb, still in its marinating bag at least an hour before putting it in the oven.
Preheat oven to 425* – arrange two racks in the oven, a middle rack to hold the lamb and a lower rack to hold a roasting pan to catch the drippings.
Remove the lamb from its bag, pat dry and generously salt and pepper all sides.
Place lamb in the oven directly on the rack with the fattiest side up, insert a meat thermometer in the thickest past of the roast.
Place a roasting pan (or another oven safe pan) on lower rack with 1 cup of water to catch the drippings (this will be used for gravy making later).
Roast at 425* for 20 minutes then reduce heat to 300* and roast 10-12 minutes per pound, until the internal temp hits about 130*-135*.
When the lamb hits the internal temp you’d like, move to a platter or cutting board to rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.
In the meantime, veggies/sides can be prepared or heated up and the gravy can be made with the pan drippings.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by DePa on 2011/12/12 at 13:48

    It was DELICIOUS!!!
    Thank you again




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