foods to help heal injuries faster

we’re talkin physical activity based injuries, not the scrapes, burns and cuts kinda thing

runners especially will get injured at least once in their career – be it a sore tendon, a muscle pull, plantar fasciitis… the list goes on!

besides hitting up the doc, home healing, or whatever it is you do when you get injured, what you eat can play a really large role in helping your injury heal faster

how to do it?

don’t think skipping any meals will help just because you aren’t pounding the pavement at the rate you used to be, when you are injured your metabolism actually goes up because your body is requiring more calories to build new tissue to repair muscles and tendons… so eat at least every five hours to keep your energy levels up!

after an injury your body begins to break down more protein than it can keep up with making, this causes the injured muscle to atrophy = not a good thing for healing… so to combat this add quality protein to your diet – such as eggs, chicken, lean beef, pork, soy and low-fat dairy – your body will use the amino acid leucine to prevent some of the protein loss

these essential fats are great for good joint and heart health, but while you are injured they also suppress inflammation that puts a hamper on the whole healing process. eat at least two servings of something rich in omega-3s a day – such as seafood, walnuts, or flaxseeds

bones need vitamin D to rebuild them, especially after a stress or regular fracture, but by not being outside as much in the winter months to soak up the sunlight that causes your body to produce this, taking a supplement or upping your vitamin D rich foods like canned salmon and milk = what your body needs to heal faster

another inflammation suppressant, by eating quercetin rich foods like blueberries, oatmeal, red and white onions, apples and kale, your body will receive this potent antioxidant to let it work its magic on your muscles during recovery

what else can you do?

by cutting out or limiting these items in your diet, you’ll also boost your recovery time–>

reduces your muscles protein building abilities

your bodies efficiency in processing sugary cards lowers during injuries

these contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, unlike omega-3s, these actually increase inflammation



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