white vs dark

now that you had your fill of turkey, sides, and a couple of tastings from each dessert, wouldn’t you like to know how the age old ‘white meat vs dark meat theory’ lines up?!
yes, i spared sending this BEFORE thanksgiving so you it wouldnt be in the back of your mind – MWAHAHA

turkey is low in fat, high in protein and an inexpensive source of iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and B vitamins

a lot of people avoid dark meat, thinking it’s not quite as healthy as white, but depending on your nutritional needs, a big ol’ drumstick might be for you. dark meat does pack more calories per serving, not to mention an increase in cholesterol, than what’s found in white meat, but its far higher in iron. so if you’re craving a leg, go for it, but take off most of the skin.

this info is based off of the ‘usual’ serving size of roasted turkey, which is about 3.5 ounces (the size and thickness of a deck of cards):

Iron: White meat = 1.57 mg. Dark meat = 2.4 mg
Zinc: White meat = 2.08 mg. Dark meat = 4.3 mg
Folate: White meat = .01 mcg. Dark meat = 10 mcg

im off to decorate the house for the holidays!


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