patiently waiting

i know it happens every year… what store is going to be the first to break out their Christmas/Holiday decor, sales and deals?! is it going to be right after Halloween, or maybe they’ll sneak it in right after Labor Day and no one will know the difference.

i dont know about you, but i kind of like enjoying the harvesting time and the thanks and grateful-ness that falls around thanksgiving season

ill admit it though, no sooner am i making a leftover turkey sandwich for lunch on the friday after thanksgiving are the boxes being pulled from the attic so i can warp into turbo-decorating mode for the day…

but for now, i am patiently and gratefully awaiting the arrival of my favorite holiday of them all, when i get to:
spend the morning baking and preparing food for the evening’s affair
all while catching glimpses of the Macy’s parade, you are never too old to enjoy it
oogle over the beautiful dogs on the National dog show
spend the afternoon and night feasting on great food
in the company of wonderful family and friends
and taking some ‘breaks’ with a cold one to catch up 0n the football games

what is there not to LOVE about this day?!


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