the new/old way and 100-up’s

i know, i have talked about barefoot/minimalist running before… what can i say, it’s changed my way of running and changed my life, so why wouldn’t i want to continue to brainwash everyone else about it?!

but what really sparked it up again was the other day when i read this article in the NYTimes, “The Once and Future Way to Run” by Christopher McDougall – yes, the same guy that wrote one of my favorite running books “Born to Run”. The article IS a bit on the longer side, but so very interesting if you’re into reading about running, looking to get into the sport and stay injury-free, OR looking to figure out why every time you try to run it hurts – CHECK IT OUT!

long story short – we started out as young’ns running just fine, light and airy, landing on the balls of our feet and never complaining about a shin splint, tight IT band, or plantar fasciitis… then somewhere along the developmental line we found these ‘awesome super supportive cushioned running shoes’ that told sold us on running faster and jumping higher – we’d dig our heel into the pavement instead of landing like we used to…. then, the aches, pains and injuries slowly started to creep up on us.

I know this, I was one of them!… but I have since changed my ways and have (KNOCK ON WOOD) been running injury free since I CROSSED OVER to the ‘other side’ – the simpler side

if you’re looking for more info about this, check out some of my older posts I have linked above, the NYT article from Christopher McDougall, his book “Born to Run”, ChiRunning and ChiWalking information on the internet… or ask me, I LOVE talking about it.

and while we’re at it, check out THIS VIDEO

it has a simple exercise that you could literally do while you’re waiting for the water to boil for tonight’s dinner – it’s called “100-up”. It gets your body and mind on the same page with the new/old way of running… the way that you USED to run, the way that DIDNT hurt – give it a try!!


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