weekend beer tastings

this past weekend we hit up our usual awesome-sauce spot Twin Light Taphouse… i heard they had some pumpkin ales on tap that had to be tasted

first up was Flying Dog Brewery‘s ‘The Fear – Pumpkin Ale’

i asked our waiter ‘between the two pumpkin ales on tap, which one would you recommend?’, he replied ‘well, since the other keg just got kicked, i’d go with the Flying Dog! it’s got a hint of chocolate with the pumpkin’

chocolate AND pumpkin = SCORE!

when my glass came i could smell the spices right away – kind of like pumpkin pie in a glass, took a sip and the chocolatey/graham cracker flavors hit me, then once you swallow the pumpkin seems to sneak up on you. LOVEd it = added to the BEER page


next up, was Carton Brewing Company‘s ‘Boat Beer

the description on their site had me at HELLO with ‘a whack of grapefruit‘ – what a kewl flavor to add to beer, and i do love me some citrusy beers. def could be added to the list of an ‘every-day beer’ like they say. it was light and flavorful, which went nicely with our dinner. also – added to the BEER page

AND THE BEST PART of the night = our apps came out and this guy walks by our table, i thought to myself, ‘i think i know him from somewhere’… he returns moments later, from the loo i assume, stops at our table and goes ‘is that a Boat Beer?’ –> me: celebrity struck ‘YES it is, and hey, aren’t you one of those Carton GUYS?!?!’ … i def blushed when I realized Augie and his family were dining just a couple of tables over and talked to us about his beer for a few… TOO COOL!!!!

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  1. bookmarked, my friends will love this



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