when dogs attack

yesterday marked the secondyes you read that right, SECONDtime in just a couple of months that my dogs and i were attacked by other dogs while trying to peacefully walk around our neighborhood… and yes mom/dad, this time i did call the cops

warning: this is a lengthy tale – feel free to scroll to the bottom for the ‘what to do when attacked’ portion

we were just a block or so from home, finishing up a 2-3 mile walk with the two dogs. they were happy as clams because they got to sniff all they wanted and were starting to look a little worn out (which takes a LOT for two very active pooches). we rounded one of the last corners of our trek when we saw a younger boxer standing in his driveway, safely held back by his electric fence. as he incessantly barked at us to get away from ‘his property’, we quickly veered to the other side of the street where B&L took to trotting on while sniffing some more specimens.

the boxer followed us along as we made our way out of his ‘territory’, when out of no where an older boxer came darting through the bushes, ran right through the electric fence and made a B-line – with his teeth bearing and hair up on his back – for poor Bud-man’s neck. i screamed bloody hell for help, tried kicking the big dog off to no avail, then the younger one decided to join in on the fun and i quickly found myself trapped and scared to death. my ankles were wrapped up in the leashes, my dogs were startled and trying to hold their own, while the two boxers kept lunging at us… it felt like the l.o.n.g.e.s.t. five minutes of my LIFE.

FINALLY two little girls who lived next door came out and realized i needed help – ‘but what could they do to break this up’, was all i could think. then the neighbor next to them came running over just as the owner decided to make his way out.

‘the owner’RUDE does not even come close to what he is. it took him, uncomfortably long, to grasp what was happening until he called his dogs off of mine and back into his yard.

HIM: HEY, what just happened?!
ME: your dogs just ran through your electric fence and started attacking us
HIM: oh, well are you okay?
ME: i don’t know yet. i think so. i don’t see any blood right now, but i haven’t really checked us over.
HIM: well, they’re up to date on all of their shots, so you should be fine (said over his shoulder as he’s walking away, brushing off what just happened). i don’t know how they got through this fence.
ME: i DO! it’s because its NOT A REAL FENCE!! you need something more than a stupid zap to keep them from hurting other people!!!

i continued on down the street, half trying to get away from the scene and half trying to check the pups and i to see if everyone was alright

LUCKILY, we all made out okay, this time – besides our PRIDE! my ankles are a little bruised from the leash being wrapped around them and Buddy’s tongue was bleeding for a bit, but seemed to die down by the time we made it home. all i kept thinking was how helpless i felt…

how could i not protect my dogs?
what if i had a kid with me and that happened?!

so, in doing some research, i found out:


say ‘NO’ in a loud, deep voice
this does NOT work all of the time, like with me yesterday… the dog’s could care less about what i was saying to try to scare them off. but you may be able to catch the attacking dog off guard by your dominant voice and scare them away.

carry a big stick – no joke!
a lot of the places i found information said that by having a big, heavy stick on your side is one of the best ways to hit the attacking dog with. the best spot to hit them is right between the ears. as many times as it takes to jostle the rage out of them and keep you at enough of a distance to get away. don’t feel bad about this, it’s you and your dogs or them, and you have no idea what they are capable of

carry pepper spray
it doesn’t always have the same effect that it does on humans, but it will do enough to startle the other dog and get it to stop attacking you. if you end up spraying a bit of your own dog while trying to thwart off the attacker with it, it’ll be worth it because you can guide your dog to safety while the other one sets in a haze of peppery goodness

call the police or animal control
you being attacked is not something that you should just brush off and take lightly, as i did our first attack when i was actually bit on the leg by the other dog, trying to fight her off of mine. if the owners and their dogs are able to get away with this, this time, you never know when a little kid is going to be riding their bike by and attacked by that same dog who attacked you – they may not make out the same way you did

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nance on 2011/11/01 at 11:00

    First so sorry you had to go through that. Second thanks for the information. Been dealing with this with Harry. a lot of off leash dogs in this area and it has been very scary for us all. I say BIg Stick!


    • Posted by Mel on 2011/11/01 at 11:22

      its crazy how many people walk their dogs off leash and don’t care what they do. i control mine, why can’t you control yours?!



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