crimson and clover

nothing quite says, ‘you should just stay in bed this morning’, when your alarm clock goes off while its still dark out and you can hear the pitter-pattering of rain pouring down outside

do i really have to walk to the bus stop today? was the first thought that crossed my mind… there’s something none-too-settling about getting on a bus in the morning with wet cuffs and soggy shoes that never seem to dry out by the time you make it to work… yes, that is usually me squeaking down the hallway

wait one HOT second – the hubster was still here! which means one GREAT thing – a RIDE to the bus stop, SCORE!! i guess he got my ESP memo and decided to ferry it in this morn… sweeeeeet :0)

but complaining about the weather is something i decided – after an impromptu conversation while waiting for the elevator yesterday – to NOT DO any more. why continue to complain about something you have absolutely no control over? Mother Nature is going to do whatever she pleases, so we just have to take what we’re given!

and come to think of it, i actually kind of wanted it to rain today. midway through last week my package from Territorial Seed Company came in the mail… including a big ol’ bag of crimson clover seeds (i talked about the green manure/living mulch/cover crop concept in THIS POST)

i tore out the rest of the withering plant remains from the garden this weekend – but left the second crop of beets and carrots to continue to grow – tilled the soil, spread about the seeds, covered them in a thin layer of top soil and watered away

and NOW… we sit back and wait for the seeds to sprout. hopefully today’s rain will give them the jumpstart they need to begin to work their magic on my soil 🙂

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  1. […] my seed growing station set up inside (here’s last year’s operation), turning over the crimson clover to create that green manure i was raving about, planting pepper seeds (i know, i’m a little […]



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