foods to fight fall allergies

fall allergy season is in FULL BLOOM!

are you tired of popping your allergy meds every day and still feeling bogged down?

try adding some of these foods to your diet this season, they not only alleviate allergy symptoms, but are a great addition to many tasty recipes:

it’s high in allergy-relieving vitamin C
a member of the crucifer family which has been shown to clear out blocked-up sinuses

high in carotinoids –   vitamin A
contain lots of beta-carotene to ease symptoms

Collard Greens
another carotenoid powerhouse – the darker the leaves, the higher the content

full of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds

a source of bacteria-fighting hydrogen peroxide
offers antioxidants that help mend mucous membranes

it’s also a member of the crucifer family
contains a form of vitamin A, which has been shown to improve allergy symptoms

Onions and Garlic
packed with quercetin – helps fight allergies by acting like an antihistamine and vitamin C, which keeps inflammation at bay, helping with things like stuffy noses

also rich in carotenoids

Salmon and Herring
rich in omega-3s


Allergy-symptom TRIGGERS
what to stay away from:

melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew)
(if you can’t live without these while experiencing allergy related symptoms, cooking these foods will make them okay to consume)

milk and milk products
contain proteins that increase mucus production


Father Winter will be here before we know it – hang in there fellow allergy sufferers!

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