cooler corn & cookie bowls

i know… this probably ranks pretty high up there on my list of ‘odd post names’, but really, how else do you sell these two ideas?!

the first one came to me the other day from a friend.
i had never before heard of the COOLER CORN concept and really cannot wait to try it out!

all you have to do is fill a clean cooler with shucked ears of corn, pour boiling water in, close the lid, and 30 minutes later you have perfectly cooked corn, ready to enjoy… this works especially well when you are feeding a large crowd or have limited stove top space available – OR, just want to try out something hella kewl!

the best part, you can leave it for a couple of hours and the corn will not overcook, it will actually stay at the ‘right’ temp until feeding time. supposedly this method is pretty popular in the outdoorsy world, i found some camping websites talking about it.


found over at lifehacker, derived from Wilton’s site…

you don’t have to get all fancy shmancy and buy an actual tray just for these, you can flip over any old muffin tray (i’ll be trying this with the jumbo sized one!!), squish on some cookie dough, bake away and you’ve got yo’self an awesome cookie bowl to fill up with ice cream, berries, you name it!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nat on 2011/10/12 at 12:29

    Wow! looks good. If its anything like the peanut butter cookie sandwich things you made , I’m gonna steal them!


  2. Posted by Nance on 2011/10/13 at 15:11

    Your father made the cooler corn for Mike and I before we left



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