highlight the best

highlight the best, accept the rest
a print out from one of the ads in a marketing campaign unleashed by NikeWomen a couple of years ago appropriately sits on my desk, reminding me every day that what i have is REAL and NATURAL:
these thunderous babies, that no matter how many miles i run or hours i spend on a bike or doing lunges, will always be just the way they are. without them, i would have never been able to gracefully dance in recitals, climb mountains, power through countless competitions and the training it took to compete in them, and most of all, keep me centered and grounded… and plus – they remind me of my mama’s :0)
today’s not about me though, its about all of us – scrounge up that useless, negative thought that you are holding on to about your body and put that energy towards more understanding and accepting thoughts of yourself, and taking action on the things you DO have the ability to change.
the rest of the campaign:

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nance on 2011/10/04 at 12:57

    You will see when you reach 40 you just are glad you got all your body parts. lol great post



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