revolving doors

mind you – this went down before my morning caffeine kick:
i couldn’t help but crack up this morning when i was walking into my office building and the foreigner in front of me literally smacked right into the glass on the revolving door because they were going through it the wrong way… i was bent over laughing at what just went down, even the security guard got a kick out of it and was shaking his head in disbelief

i know, i know, totally not PC, right?! but seriously, 5 years of walking through the same set of doors every day and that was probably the best laugh i’ve ever had on my way in!!

then, on the elevator ride up while i was still shaking off my giggles, i had a slight change of heart

maybe in other countries the revolving doors really do go the other way?!

so, after my usual morning check-ins, i just HAD to digg into this – and low and behold, Watson, my wonderings were correct

In right hand traffic countries, revolving doors typically revolve counter-clockwise, allowing people to enter and exit only on the right side of the door. In left hand traffic countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, revolving doors typically revolve clockwise. Door rotations in England vary.

altho, watch yo’ self Americans, there IS a restaurant in Atlanta – the Tavern at Phipps – which has a “large antique revolving door at one of the entrances. A prominent sign on the door reminds people to enter to the left, and explains that the door was originally installed in London in 1908.”… heh, note to self when traveling to the ATL

so i guess i have to take back my cracking up episode this morning because this person did look like they were from another country. although… I don’t think her country was one of the ones with left hand traffic, but i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt today :0)


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  1. So this made me crack up because when Nelly and I went to the Empire State building she totally got stuck in the revolving door because they are not that common unless you are in a high traffic area ( Not Houma LA) 🙂



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