living mulch

living mulch
aka green manure
aka what the heck are you talking about MEL?!

yeah, i was just as amazed this past weekend when i heard about this concept by, none other than, Farmer T… yes, as you can tell, we discuss farming and gardening topics quite often

using {specifically white dutch} clover as a cover crop is nothing new to the gardening scene – just mine i guess – THE MAN (Masanobu Fukuoka) wrote extensively about this concept and you can read lots more about him HERE

his method of farming is pretty simple:
no machines
no chemicals
no weeding

just my style!

so what is living mulch?

straight from Wikipedia:

a cover crop interplanted or undersown with a main crop, and intended to serve the functions of a mulch, such as weed suppression and regulation of soil temperature.

planting white clover in your garden can reap many benefits:

it prevents most weeds and grass from forming in your garden beds

the same as ‘regular’ mulch does, the clover absorbs most of the sun before the soil does

it will level out the nitrogen in the soil to help the plants grow

can help break up a hardpan and greatly improve tilth

which are needed to pollinate fruiting vegetables

how do you get started?

hit up a seed company (like these guys), order yourself a bag o’ seeds
scatter the seeds around your garden in the areas you want it to grow (preferably on a not-so-sunny day)
sit back and wait for the seeds to germinate and begin to grow into your very own
no tilling required

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by DePa on 2011/09/27 at 18:07

    3 Generation of farmers, you know well, used this same method too


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  3. […] and come to think of it, i actually kind of wanted it to rain today. midway through last week my package from Territorial Seed Company came in the mail… including a big ol’ bag of crimson clover seeds (i talked about the green manure/living mulch/cover crop concept in THIS POST) […]


  4. […] inside (here’s last year’s operation), turning over the crimson clover to create that green manure i was raving about, planting pepper seeds (i know, i’m a little late on this!), and running 9 […]



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